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  1. You can lighten up the ceilings in raytrace by adding lights while in plan view (add on top of your light fixtures) from the 3D drop down menu > Lighting > Add lights. It sounds stupid but I guarantee you it brightens the ceiling. I'll try to attach an image of 2 renderings done in raytrace: one with no added lights, just the light fixtures data turned on and the other with added lights on top of the light fixtures data turned off. The one with the added lights is brighter in Raytrace even the light data being off. The other image is a Raytrace, but with all the light data turned on and the added lights from the 3D menu.
  2. The best stainless steel rendition I have found for SS appliances is in the following directory: Chief Architect Bonus Catalogs >Kitchen styles >International Contemporary> Materials > Stainless Steel Dig a little deeper in your libraries guys.
  3. Thanks so much!!! They even the RSVP line.