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  1. Thanks for taking time to make the video. I have saved it for future reference.
  2. Thanks, Bill ! It seems strange that Chief doesn't recognize the railing and automatically fill the ceiling above. The program is very intuitive in most instances.
  3. How do I close the gap in the ceiling material above the railing walls?? thanks
  4. Perry, thanks for the tip. I just started a new project and will make my basement level 1. Thanks to all of you hardcore Chiefers for sharing.
  5. I have been out of town and away from my office. Thanks for the replies to my post. Glen, the shed dormer roof plane should be 4 in 12 and leave the main roof plane at 12 in 12. The shed roof plane is forcing it's pitch on the main roof. I followed the steps in the tutorial, listed in ( my orginal post) but end up with these results? Jay, thanks for your reply. I actually discovered "auto dormers" on my toolbar and placed an auto dormer in the rear roof plane and edited to my specifications. It was quick and easy.
  6. I followed the training video #1510,, to create dormers but am missing something?? Cape (Stackpole rd. ).plan
  7. CA 9.5 on virtual machine 2.bmp CA 9.5 on virtual machine.bmp
  8. I am running 9.5 on windows xp using a "virtual machine" within my windows 7 operating system. I also run X6 on windows 7.
  9. If it was easy we would all be out of a job... This forum is awesome, thanks to all who contribute!
  10. Thanks for the reply, Joe. I guess all that matters is I am back in business!
  11. How does the file get corrupted?