Roof Overlay Penetrating Cathedral Ceiling


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did you mean Chief 9.5 ???


not sure there was a 9.3 ???



either way that was 8 versions ago

more than a decade ago


probably not going to get a lot of responses here


if you post the plan, you might get better replies than just guesses



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try this


in the 3d view select the brown ceiling , you should get edit handles around the ^ shape ,pull the RH side handle down and over to the LH side to made the ceiling the shape it should be , on releasing the mouse you'll get a question about altering a roof plane , answer yes that should fix it , however if you rebuild roofs you will need to do it again as manual roof planes will be deleted ....perhaps...not sure if you have the option to retain manual roof planes or not?


this works in newer versions , so hopefully this helps....


PS the forum pics work better if in jpg format and the download is way smaller.

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  • Solution

I don't have v. 9 anymore but I still have X1.  Hopefully this worked the same on both.


Grab the higher roof plane.



Select the 'Break Line' tool.



Put a break as shown here.



Grab the handle at the ridge of the lower planes.



Drag that handle down and to the right to make a straight line along the outside of the wall



The edges of the lower roof planes may still show through the ceiling.  If so, you can drag the valleys in 3/4" or so.  That will clean up the interior view, however the gap will show on the exterior view.


As was said before, don't rebuild your roofs or you will have to do this all over.


Hope that helps.



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