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  1. Open the foundation wall dbx and on the Wall Types section, make it a pony wall with siding on top and the concrete wall on the bottom. Then you can adjust the height of the concrete wall accordingly. Hope that helps.
  2. You'll need to re-draw your terrain perimeter on the first floor. Good luck!
  3. I'd just like to add that we are on X8 right now (and X9 soon). We do a lot of file sharing so It would be helpful if you were using the same version as us.. Thanks, Mike G.
  4. Funny, I just did a basketball court a few months ago using material regions and 1/16" 3d molding polylines. I made a block out of it. See attached. There's also a scoreboard and bleachers in there. I think the scoreboard is from 3d warehouse and the bleachers are from chief. <edit> I used the attached .gif to get the dimensions. Basketball Court.calibz
  5. If you search the word 'cornice' on 3D warehouse there are a couple of similar items that you possibly could use as a starting point. Here's one: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=ef127b70-f865-45cb-8d05-876078f36378 It might save a little time.
  6. If you use one polyline to go around that corner instead of two, that won't happen. In fact, I would do all of the crown in that room as one polyline. You can use the break line tool, then turn one section 90 degrees and line it up with the wall for a quick fix.
  7. The doors are on the 'ROOF PLANES OVER HEAD' layer. Turn that on and switch them back to the 'Doors' layer and you should be all set!
  8. That definitely sounds like an issue for tech support.
  9. Doug beat me to it. The only difference is that I used a higher pitch on the cricket. Mike Flickinger Project MG.plan
  10. Here's some entryways and transoms too if anyone is interested. They're all in X8. Thermatru Entryways and Transoms.calibz
  11. Ahh. I see. Thank you! Here's a few more (see attached). These are Thermatru doors that we use a lot around here. I made most of these years ago using polyline solids and 3D molding polylines. I've since cleaned them up a bit using sketchup. Thermatru Doors.calibz
  12. I have four custom doors in this plan that I made at different times. All of them have glass, but in two of them, it appears tinted. I'd like them all to be completely clear. I used the same material (Glass Standard) and all of the settings appear to be the same. Am I missing something? I don't think I did anything differently when I imported them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Glass Door Issue.plan