Preferred way to do Kohler farmhouse sink

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Their models are true 3D, and I prefer the porcelain ones.


I take the model into Sketchup and model the U-shaped front panel into it, then change the drain and basket to a different material, and bring it into Chief.


It's tedious, because I then make a short cabinet with no countertop upon which to set the sink-with-apron, and do a custom countertop with the cutout, all corners rounded with 3/4 R.  


You have an easier way, I'm sure.  What is it?

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I have not tried that.  Which sink are you using.


To work that way, the sink's 2D must include the c'top cutout, and I've not been successful doing that with an imported symbol from Kohler.  I want the resultto look like the way I build them.   Pics are my result, and a photo from Kohler.

2021-03-27 11_18_07-Chief Architect Premier X12.png


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29 minutes ago, GeneDavis said:

Which sink are you using.

I just grabbed a random one from the kohler library and put it in.  I have always done it that way and it is automatic.


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