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  1. I typically recreate an entire model in Chief from PDFs. But often the Architect has Revit or Sketchup models. Seems like a waste of time for me to recreate a model. I would love to import their model and then work on the Interiors instead of recreating from scratch. I also have a Landscape Architect that would love to do a flyover of his exterior and then bring my interiors in for a full home flythrough. Would love to be able to merge the two without doubling the work.
  2. I often collaborate with Architects and Landscape Architects and we all seem to use different programs. Some Sketchup, Revit or 3DS. Is it possible to import their models and collaborate. Can I export my model so they can add landscaping etc? I see several Export 3D models but can't find any training videos on how to share models with other professionals. Anyone have experience collaborating with different 3D modeling software?
  3. I am really struggling with the coloring of the Physical Based Renderings. They cast a pink or blue/green color to everything. I have adjusted backgrounds and sun saturation to no avail. Anyone have any tips? I have attached some examples.
  4. Yes thank you, I canceled and purchased Razor Intel i9 3080 processor...$4000:/...
  5. Thank you all for your input! I am going to return this laptop!3080 Have not experienced any of this with my desktop which is GeForce
  6. It is the newest supposodely Nvidia Ge Force RTX 2070 MaxQ
  7. Does anyone else have the Razor Blade 17 and experience it crashing while using Chief X13? I purchased because it was the fasted and newest gaming computer. Attached are the details on the Laptop. It was $3000 and crashes!
  8. Could you explain how you "insert" the apron sink? Do you add it in the cabinet detail screen? I tried this and it does set correctly. Appreciate your help. Susan Chief X13
  9. Thank you so much! Not sure how that happened!
  10. For some reason all my toolbars do not show the drop down menu anymore? How do I restore?
  11. Thank you! This is really helpful! I will ask the Architect to resend.
  12. Nope that didn't work either. This is what I see
  13. Maybe its the black screen? I have a white screen. I will try that!
  14. I recieved a Revit DWG file and only see some of the layers. All the walls are missing. I haven't had this happen before. Do I need to do something special with these files? I have attached the DWG file I received. 843903671_206Monarch-3DModel(3).dwg
  15. I have an assistant and we try to work on the same file. We are really struggling with missing information. She will backup the plan and share with me. All her images are saved in the same folder but there are still missing files. Is there a way for two people to work on the same file on different computers without this frustration?
  16. I am an Interior Designer based out of Newport Beach. I am looking for an assistant part time that is proficient in Chief Architect. Experience in construction or cabinetry work is helpful but not necessary. Flexible work arrangement, have office but can work from home. Susan Thiel Design
  17. Need Stair Help: I am having a double stair railing show up on my plan. How do I fix this? Attached is a picture showing the issue When I delete the left railing on a portion of the stairs is takes all the railing away. Chief X12 Windows
  18. How do I get pendants to hang straight on an angled ceiling?
  19. I am looking for a Freelance Drafter that has experience with Southern California Remodeling Permit Sets. I will have the floor plans just need help with layout and codes. Southern California Preferred