Ceilling Height on plan


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Start a text, when the box appears, there is a "insert" at the top (>M) with a pull down...

... select GLOBAL

...........then select ROOM INFO

this will give you a list of macros to put in your plan.  One being what you are asking.  

Hit OK, and the room you placed that text will show ceiling height.  Copy and paste that text to all rooms you need to show the info.



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    • By marlem2000
      I'm working with ceiliing planes but I need to make a hole to set the curtains and I don't know how to do it. I have tryed to make the hole with a polyline and, then,  turn it into a "hole in ceiling platform". Have tryed with the "hole in the roof" too but I can't manage to get what I'm looking for. In fact, I don't know if I need to work on the roof of the room or in the floor of the room above.
      The right thing would be to make the hole  all around the room (on the ceiling plane, of course). I think it would look more aesthetic.
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      I am very new to chief architect so I need some assistance.
      I have a two story building where the ceiling height over the living space and part of the mud room has 9ft ceilings where the rest of the house is at 8ft ceilings. I have tried changing the floor height of the upper level but it just changes my overall ceiling height of the lower floor to 8ft. 
      In the image I have my file with the pdf of the design below. You can see the beam going down the center (to the left of the stairs). The area to the left has 9ft ceilings with a gable roof above, and the area to the right has 8ft ceilings with another level above.
      How can I get the program to recognize I want to change the height over the stairs/part of the laundry/bedroom etc?
      Thank you!

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      hi, I am stuck in ceiling for edge of ceiling and its seen as void. Please help.