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  1. Hi Eric, Thanks for your email. But I need the arch like in the pdf
  2. Hi Eric, Thanks for your email. Not for construction. Visual to visualize a overhead projection screen beside the arched opening
  3. Hello Joe, thanks for your reply. But I could not get arch with the door way. Plan and pdf attached if that helps. Could someone help me out? 940287517_ProjectionScreenCA-Model.pdf Sanctuary.plan
  4. Attached is a AutoCAD file for reference. I am trying to create an arched opening as shown in the elevation in CA. I tried to use door way and add double arch, but the height locks at 144". Is it possible to create a solid in elevations and subtract? Tried to create polyline solid, but I dont know how I can subtract that from the wall. Could someone help me to achieve this? Projection Screen CA.dwg
  5. ENLARGED WINDOW %FormattedWidthNearestInch%x%FormattedHeightNearestInch%x%bottom_elevation%A.F.FL. GLAZING AREA PROVIDED %(height*width).round(2)% This is what I have now in my label for a window which is wrong
  6. Hello again, could some experts help me with this ruby macro. What I am trying to achieve is I need to find out the glazing (glass) area of a window. My formula is opening width minus 6 inch x opening height minus 6 inch to get the glazing area which I can add to my label. Your help is much appreciated.
  7. Hello, how can I show the sliding window opening direction in the elevation (like the arrow pointing which direction it opens)?
  8. Thank you Mike for the step by step procedure.
  9. doesnt make any sense to me. wish you could explain better. Moreover it is zip file called winrar.
  10. hello could someone help me with this roof? Attached is the plan. On the back side (which is bottom side on the plan) I need a 18 feet high shed roof which slopes towards the front 8 feet and there is a loft on the front side. I could get the shed roof, but dont know where should I adjust the height. I am not able to generate the wall for the loft which should come out of the shed roof. File size is big, hence zipped the file 221024.rar
  11. thank you all for the response. that helped me a lot
  12. when I delete it the support post and beam gets deleted as well
  13. Could someone help me with the attached plan? I had to modify my plan to increase the size of my mid landing from 4ft x 4ft to 4ft x 8ft. After adjusting all what I need do I see there are 2 newels in the middle of the landing. The moment I delete that it delete the footings, beams and the posts. Could you please me know how I could get rid of that 2 newels in the mid landing? with my limited knowledge I tried my best could not succeed. 221016.plan
  14. Oh, thank you. that is an option too. great. thanks for your help.
  15. Oh, thank you. that is an option too. great. thanks for your help.
  16. Hi Ange, You are awesome. Thank you for your help. But when I did that the other set of footing I had in the middle got deleted. I fact I had copied from the default generated footing and beam.
  17. why is that I do not get the option to edit the footing size. attached plan for ref. current size is 16", i want to change it to 12" 221016.plan
  18. got it. I had to uncheck the schedule .thank you for your help
  19. thank you Joey. For some reason it is display the door number which I had assigned from the schedule