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  1. mtldesigns's post in Different floor material areas was marked as the answer   
    Get used to material regions Keara.  A great tool for floors, walls where you have two material areas.
    In this case, go to the Build menu at the top, then to Floor - Material Region
  2. mtldesigns's post in Roof Rafters? was marked as the answer   
    Hey Mark,
    Its been a long day on my end, so I hope I am understanding your question.  Are you trying to get what I showed in the attached??  If so, Roof Plane Specifications, Options> Cut : square

  3. mtldesigns's post in Custom Muntins was marked as the answer   
    a cad block is the key.  I had drawn the new muntin's.. but forgot to covert to a cad block.  Once I did, the icon popped up.
  4. mtldesigns's post in Boxed out exterior wall for windows - Looking for help to resolve some issues was marked as the answer   
    Have your tried putting a shed room over this bump out?  It will have its own roof plane.  I wouldn't pull the wall down either, let it ride free.  When you set a roof plane, right above the windows (as you mentioned), the walls will come down on their own.       
    BTW, cannot open that path.  But that's ok, I don't need the file.