accidentally errased my chief architect file from my Mac and empty trash. Is there a way to recover my document?


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maybe in the archives ?


probably best to contact tech support on Monday


don't delete anything else or move files around etc


not sure about Mac but on PC files are simply marked for deletion

by setting first byte of file to 0 

then when new space is needed that space is reused


so file recovery utilities may be able to recover ?



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2 minutes ago, solver said:

Time Machine is a built-in backup solution for Mac.

But it is also something had to be setup originally with your computer or at least prior to the problem.  It allows you to go back “in time” in increments of one hour back at least usually 30 days (depending on your settings.)

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38 minutes ago, lbuttery said:

maybe in the archives ?


Lew should be right as long as the File was named , Chief's auto backup and auto save should of been working , you may have lost some work but there should be an Autosave and a auto -archive file available in the Chief Data Folder>Archives> [FileName]_xxxxxxxx


eg : A:\Documents\Chief Architect Premier X12 Data\Archives\Porch test_462708772168641121





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8 minutes ago, briannawi said:

the thing is that I need my project for tomorrow morning and tech is not opened today


See my post above , it is your best chance and what Tech Support would advise  looking at 1st.


Might want to check you File Management in Preferences and set it for every 5 minutes and Hourly too for the future...





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Hey Brian,


If your plan file had a name, it should surely have been saved. I posted a map on how to find the archived plan. Once you open a saved version, you can rename it to the original, even if it may have lost s few hours of work depending on how much was done before the "save" took place.


And per Ryan... on a Mac, you should be able to look at the top right of your screen for "Time machine". It looks like a clock with a backwards arrow. Assuming you have a back up disk, or a place on your drive where the computer is doing it's back-up, just go back to the day that you deleted the file. It should still be there alive and well.


Hope this helps. 



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