Create a concave space of this room


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What software are you using and do you have a plan file that you have started on ?  Maybe draw it out in 2D with a few traditional type sections with the details and one of the experts will try to help out.


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2 hours ago, apexchris said:

But Box window will end with a pop-out exterior wall ... what if i don't want pop-out exterior wall ....

how should i accomplish ?

Sounds like you're saying you essentially want an extra thick wall (24"+) with a window niche in it?
If so, then there's a couple of different ways to achieve.  Verify that's what you want to do and a process can be explained.

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34 minutes ago, apexchris said:



a Pass-through window is fine ...... should i raise the floor or just put a polyline solid ? 





You can use the Pass-Through Frame Setting   , uncheck Wall width and set it to the required depth to reach the exterior Wall





image.thumb.png.a404af451b81f7a941db10c1e1e01aee.png   The Plan to look at Pass-Through as a Box Window.plan

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