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I now have my new X11 Site Area Analysis completed.  

The price for this System is $75.00 - payable into my PayPal Account


A complete description follows:





Created by Joseph P. Carrick

October 13, 2019


This macro package uses a single macro %site_Areas% placed in the Label of any Chief Architect Object that has the area attribute. Normally that will be a closed Polyline, Polyline Solid, Slab or a Terrain Feature such as a Driveway or Sidewalk. There are several aspects of the Object that are taken into account in how the data is used:


  • Layer - generally names and Labels the area

  • Line Styles – property and setback are automatically recognized

  • Line Styles -- new, existing and demo are also automatically recognized - the Polyline will be labeled as “(N)”, “(E)”, “(D)”

  • Floor Level (referenced floors) are automatically recognized for any building


  • Layers Names containing "Building", "Home", "Structure", "Residence", "Garage", "Storage", "Shed" are automatically recognized as BUILDINGS.

  • Layers Names containing "Building", "Home", "Residence" are automatically recognized as HABITABLE

  • Layers Names containing "Roof", "Slab", "Walk", "Driveway", "Water", "Concrete" are recognized as IMPERMEABLE.

  • Layers Names containing "terrain" will be analyzed according to their material for Impermeable recognition.


  • Layer “(O)” is recognized as an overlapping area of the Impermeable areas and subtracted from the total Impermeable areas.

  • If a Layer Name contains “(N)”, “(E)”, “(D)” they are recognized as NEW, EXISTING & DEMO respectively.


  • There can be only one Property Line and one Setback Line.

  • The same Layer can be used for more than one object. The system will keep track of them as different areas

  • The same Layer can be used on different floors and if the floor is displayed as a “Reference Floor” the areas will be included.


The following macros are included to list, calculate & display the accumulated data:


  • %site_Areas_FAR% - displays the Floor Area Ratio

  • %site_Areas_List% - displays the list of all areas

  • %site_Areas_List_Demo% - displays the list of all Demo areas

  • %site_Areas_List_Existing% - displays the list of all Existing areas

  • %site_Areas_List_Ground_Floor% - displays the list of all 1st Floor areas

  • %site_Areas_List_Habitable% - displays the list of all Habitable areas

  • %site_Areas_List_Impermeable% - displays the list of all Impermeable areas

  • %site_Areas_List_New% - displays the list of all New areas

  • %site_Areas_List_Coverage% - displays the lot coverage calculations

  • %site_Areas_total_New_plus_Existing - displays the total of New and Existing


All of the above macros are contained in a Library Object named “SITE AREA ANALYSIS RTB” which when placed in a Plan will add all the macros into the plan.


There are also Annosets and Layer Sets that can be imported to make setup easier. These have been provided to use with Imperial Units but can be the basis for Metric versions. The macros are designed to recognize which system is in use and use the appropriate units in the data display.


Whenever something is changed in the plan, the data in the RTB should be updated automatically. However, this might not always happen so it's important to press and hold the F5 key for a couple of seconds to insure the data is correct. This must be done before printing a Layout.


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On 10/14/2019 at 1:22 PM, Joe_Carrick said:

I now have my new X11 Site Area Analysis completed.  


Awesome, any reduced fee for an upgrade? :) 

If I were to start using this, how much is it going to mess up the previous version, i.e. will this overwrite previous macros?

Also noticed on the table both Property Area and Setback/Buildable area have a "_" in front, can that go away?

As for floor designations, any other way to show the floor other than ".1" or ".2", this may confuse reviewers or is this from the layer name?  I would prefer it to use the info from the layer.



The previous version has been awesome so I am very interested....  (I am sure I will have more questions)



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Hey Joe,

I am guessing you might be on vacation so sorry if I am being a pest.  Looking to purchase a macro for the living area. Need one that shows the total heated for first floor, a separate for heated space for the second floor, a total for the both, and then a total for unheated space. Looking to pay! See example attached. Please let me know if you are interested in building one or you already have one for sale.

Baker footage.pdf

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Hello Joe,

This is impressive and I am sure a lot of work went into it. Like the other poster I am looking for something a little simpler. See attached. Do you have a less detailed version available for sale, like the one below.. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 11.11.21 AM.png

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On 10/23/2020 at 3:24 PM, jscussel said:


I'm also looking for a stair macro. However, I would like it to work with a note schedule. Don't always have the room to display the information near the stairs.

The Stair macros can be used in a Custom Note Schedule.  The Note just needs to have a Text Line connecting it to the Stair and the macro included in the text for the note.

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It's possible - but it would rely on utilizing the front end of the total package which was the big part of the programming.  Adding the simplified output would be fairly easy and I wouldn't charge extra for that. 


However, the full package would still be required.  

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Both of these are compatible with X12 and AFAIK X13.  Installation is pretty simple and instructions are included.

The price for the Stair Labels is $15 and the price for the Area Analysis package is $75.  You can make payment by PayPal to my account


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