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  1. hi all, i have 2 .plan open..... when i select Perspective Framing plan would show the Framing view as it should. when on the other Perspective Framing just show the Perspective Full Overview where is the Setting to change the Perspective Framing show Framing.
  2. not sure what else am I missing. can't still have the -S- Step Markers to display.
  3. Where do I turn on the setting to display the Step Marker on the Foundation Plan Set?? i do have the Step Marker layer display turn On.
  4. is there a real practical use for Auto Interior Dimension??? takes 1click & 1/2 second to auto dim your drawing (awsome!!! and useful) then 10 minutes to select and delete unwanted dims. is there better solution to this??
  5. i think it has something to do with the Dimension lines. i had couple old dim. style lines from previous imports. i deleted it and created a new dim style. seem to be ok now. like Chopsaw...nothing as extreme as before with the old dim. lines.
  6. yes. i have came across the same problem. the 5 blocks created in the minimum area of the objects is in the box. but the other 2 have a larger block area, even those there's no objects outside the red box.
  7. hi, where or what Text Style is use for the Temporary Dim. lines. i would like to make it big, as i sometime use it when i manually stretch the poly line. thank you.
  8. have anyone done any 3D printing on their project. can you share some pics?? i am interested and looking into getting 3D Printing.
  9. hi, is there a option to Build / Rebuild the pile layout. like the way CA have the Build Floor Framing?? when you adjust your walls, and click Build Floor Framing, it will rebuild the floor framing to the new wall. is there a way to do that for the piles.... for when you adjust you foundation wall. then you can rebuild you Pile accordingly.
  10. is the a way to change the default Space Planning "Room Box Specification" default properties?? like.... when you draw a room using Space Planning room .(ie bedroom, bath...) the box draws in by default as Solid linetype, angle hatch Fill, linetweight=1 i would like the change the default to fill, Dotted linetype. lineweight=10
  11. if you're "new" to CA. just whatever computer you have. if you have Mac...use it, if you have PC, use that. CA will work for both PC, and Mac. no point in burning couple $K on a computer when you're just starting up.
  12. On a Mac... i was able to open 2 Layouts in Mac running X8 today. try this.... do your opening file by Double Clicking on the Layout file in your Finder, instead of CA Open Dialog. AND.... quickly Double Click again on the same Layout, while the 1st Layout is still in process of opening. the trick is open the 2nd or 3rd layout before the 1st is 100% completely open up. try it and post your result.
  13. hi, is there a toggle to change the Door Swing before you insert the door. When I first initiate to Insert a door, my door swing is always on the left. I would have to insert the door, and take an extra step to Flip the door. Is there a way to toggle the door to the right, then initiate the insert. thanks,
  14. hi, where is the Setting to turn On/Off the Base board trim in a Room? i have this plan from a client... and i has baseboard On in the Garage. i would like to turn them Off or just delete them. thanks,
  15. hi, just wondering if some can shed some light on this.... i've drawn 2 piers... (16"dia. x 25' deep) one by generated for drawing the foundation wall, the other by using the draw Slab function. both have the same dimension. so, both should be 35 cu ft = 1.29 cu yd. but when generating the Material List... the auto generated Pier in the foundation wall is 20.69 Cu. yd, which dont make any sense. and the other "Slab-concrete" pier is 1.29 cu. yd....which is correct. any idea why the discrepancy?? Pier Test.plan
  16. thanks dermot. i figured that it has to have it, and it must be the same as in the Stairs. somehow i just did NOT see that .... lol
  17. hi, is there an option to turn On/Off the handrail to show in Plan view, for a ramp? like they have in the Stairs.
  18. hi, i havent grasp the method on how to Rotate an object by manually entering the Degree. i know that Line is currently 67..Degree... by drwing a line that Perpen. to it and listing the property of it. i want to rotate my Property line, that my left Lot line to be 90 degree. my logic is.... the Red line is 67Degree....and if i want to it to be 90degree (12oclojck). i would rotate it -23 degree (counnter c/w)?? some how, i dont think CA uses this logic in rotating an object. can someone shed a light on this.... thanks,
  19. it's just CA's standard and i'm sure it's meant to be a "recommendation" to the users. it dosent have to be your standard or my "standard". it's not set in stone that it has to be that way. the beauty of CA is do allow very flexible option for the users to customize to their standard practice.
  20. hi, i remembered seeing or stumbling across a thread that were discussing Ray Trace settings. there was a image that showed a house that was traced with many different settings and what those settings were. it demonstrated all the effect of the settings in Ray trace. anyone seen this?? i've been just trial n error to find a correct setting to get a good RT that i want. is there any presets setting to use for reference. thanks
  21. 10 or more. IMO. i say this because i started with 0 knowledge of CA. i tried other apps in the "Builder Plans" market. like Softplan and Revit. all them are still will have the level 10 Difficulty to it. i dont think theres a level 1 Easy to do what we do. if theres a Level 1 easy out there, i sure would like be interested. so it'll be well worth the time you invest in CA, once you've reach the skill level to "draft sets of "Builder Plans" " by far the best "Builder Plans" (floor plan, elevations, foundation plan, and a cross section) CAD software on the market. i am not sure i
  22. hi, it there a way i can Snap a dimension lines to a roof overhand lines? i am able to to snap the the Roof Plane. but not the Roof Overhang (dash line) i remmbered at some point in my other drawing i was able to do that. but lately on this new template plan i recently made. im not able to. is there a Snap setting?? Layering ?? Dims?? i forgot and missing??
  23. hi, just a quick survey/question... what do you use in your practice, of Text vs. Rich Text for?? thanks,