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  1. hi, i have a Dropped floor on this plan, one in front of the house, and one at the rear of the house. Both are the same room type, but the rear floor is poking through the foundation wall. And the front is not.
  2. hi all, there's anywhere that i can grab this Glass Panel Door? don't have to be that specific panel size. just in general. tia
  3. hi, is there some place where i can get a 3D object of a Open Web Steel joist/truss?? tia,
  4. hi, is theres a Marco i can use (native in CA, or custom that i can buy) to pull the Wall > Object information into a Text Box?
  5. Hi, is there a way to change the door symbol in a 2D, plan view?
  6. yes, you can do that. by changing the ceiling height from 8' to 10', so it raise the roof 24"....but i DON'T want to change the Ceiling height (wall height) of the 3 rooms. i need the ceiling to be at the 8', same as the rest of the building. theres not an option to Lock the Ceiling height at 8' and raise the Roof to what you prefer.....well, you can! by changing the Truss Energy heel height. but that's if the roof is in one piece, not the 3 piece as i shown here.
  7. not sure why CA dont have the ability to set the Edge Line Df.& Pattern Line Df, in Plan, before sending to Layout. such have to change these for every Elevation views in Layout, one by one.
  8. my solution is adding a floor to the end units with 18" wall height. let middle unit as 2 stroreys. Auto build the roof... and i got this. then go up to Attic level and delete the Attic wall at on the Middle unit.
  9. hi, i did this manually by just copy and lowered the middle piece. how / what can i set to get Auto Roof to generate multi section and multi height Roof plan like. theoretically, i would divide the attic level into 3 space, matching/lined up to the Suite demising wall....and adjust the truss Heel height to +12" on the outer unit, and the middle unit at 0" how can i do this?
  10. any possible method to accomplish this with just one Roof that we have X15, could we generate roof trusses for it?
  11. YES!! exactly that. is this using CA - Roof Plane...??? or manually drawn by some other method?
  12. hi, how can draw a Descending Roof, front gable is 8/12 and descend to a 4/12 rear gable? thank you.
  13. no CA render can compare using Twinmotion.
  14. save as DAE, Open in TM....YOUR CAN NOT back link to CA's a oneway street only. just have to keep export to DAE in CA...and do an update in TM.
  15. i dont remmber, but it use to be that YOU CAN set that Lineweight. not sure what version they took that away. CA, PLEASE BRING THAT BACK!
  16. Is that all the X15 updates & features is now on Beta X15? will they have more or better/useful tools than what listed at Beta, on the Final release?
  17. Well put it!!! Where's the Flush Beam & Dropped Beam option?
  18. Hi, Is there a setting in the Door to omit the opening Door percentage area, not account it in the Wall Schedule?? So the schedule just calculate the windows opening percentage only. or Setting in for the schedule just for the opening percentage of doors only & Windows only & all openings.