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  1. Willis93

    Site Area Analysis Macro System

    Hello Joe, This is impressive and I am sure a lot of work went into it. Like the other poster I am looking for something a little simpler. See attached. Do you have a less detailed version available for sale, like the one below..
  2. Hello I am wanting to create a table that will auto calculate sqft on the layout sheets. See image. I am currently manually adding all this up using poly line data for the numbers. Is there an easier way?
  3. Willis93

    Railings in doorways with arched tops

    Thank you so Much! Seems so simple!
  4. Willis93

    Railings in doorways with arched tops

    Thank you Solver I have noted your comments, however searching the forum is obviously a first choice. I have spent hours researching this, reading through posts, watching video, this was my last resort, so if you have any helpful ways to "solve" this problem please post them in addition to the copy and paste you did above. I am using x12 Premier. Thanks Jim!
  5. Hello Looking for advice on how to put railings in a wall that has a doorway with an arched top. The issue is that when you insert a railing wall into a wall with an arched top it deletes the doorway along with the arched top and inserts the rails. In the attached pics to help explain. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.