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  1. My question is very clear in my original post. LOL. I have received the proper help I need thank you!
  2. I started with that template yes. Looks that was a mistake.
  3. Thanks to all of you for your input and excuse any rudeness that might be coming across. This has been frustrating to make it this far in this AWESOME software and be stuck on this very important part of it. Ill be doing MORE research. LOL
  4. If you would of read my post, I have been through all the videos and articles. IMO Chief has failed to properly document how this works. Evidence is all the different topics each of you have suggested for research, which I have red them all, some more than once. Evidently this has been a problem for a long time, post go way back complaining about this. There is a post I found with some actual "steps", after I posted this, that i will refer back to and see how that helps.
  5. Thanks for the input. My attitude is what it is. These guys respond with this generic replies all the time, over and over. Its a waste of their time and the posters time IMO. Its always the same guys too. They must sit and watch for post and reply with these types of responses. Just because I dont like that type of reply doesnt mean its wrong, I just dont see a purpose in it. The time I ahve taken to even respond to you is a waste of time. LOL Alaska looks amaxing btw, we watch all the shows on TV.
  6. EXACTLY!!!!!! Thanks for pointing out how difficult this seemingly simple task is. I can draw and design like CRAZY, but have to do alot of manual layer switching. I know Im missing something....
  7. Thanks, to you both, I guess I am an idiot. LOL I have watched every video and still can't get this figured out. Others struggle with it as well. Thanks for not answering, LOL, I will keep looking. Maybe a little sarcasm but in truth neither of your answers are helpful at all. Instead of replying with something like the above just dont reply.
  8. When I have my electrical view open and put text, dims, ect on that view I do not want it to then show up on another view, for example on the plot plan. Question: How do you isolate that information to ONLY show up on the view you are currently working on, when you click the text icon. I am sure there is a way so that if I put a dimension on the electrical view, it doesnt tranfer to to other views when I switch. It takes so much time to click on that dimension, then switch it to the electrical dim layer so it stays off of other layers. I have searched, read and cant figure it out? TIA for your answer. Below is one of my favorite works so far. LOVE this software, btw. I am a builder and a designer, so this is super fun to see all this come to life without having to pay a 3rd party for renderings, then I get to build it!
  9. How do you make this populate TOGETHER in a schedule? See the example. Its VERY odd that this is not a FEATURE and you have to purchase this ability from another user. This is a VERY common accumulation of data in ANY set of building plans. Without RUBY programing experinece this all has to be done manually, just makes no sense IMO.
  10. How Do I make a Wall material that is 12" lap siding. I have the hardie catalog downloaded but it doesnt inlcude that
  11. Hello Joe, This is impressive and I am sure a lot of work went into it. Like the other poster I am looking for something a little simpler. See attached. Do you have a less detailed version available for sale, like the one below..
  12. Hello I am wanting to create a table that will auto calculate sqft on the layout sheets. See image. I am currently manually adding all this up using poly line data for the numbers. Is there an easier way?
  13. Thank you Solver I have noted your comments, however searching the forum is obviously a first choice. I have spent hours researching this, reading through posts, watching video, this was my last resort, so if you have any helpful ways to "solve" this problem please post them in addition to the copy and paste you did above. I am using x12 Premier. Thanks Jim!