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I know in past versions we could assign symbols to be in the front group or back group so they will show in plan view.  Example... A sink faucet  could be assigned to the front group and the sink to the back so you could see the faucet on top of the sink in plan view. I have not been able to find that setting.  See the attached screen prints showing the faucet showing under (behind) the sink.  Its fine in camera view but not in plan.  Where did that setting go or whats the work around?   FYI.  I'm using a Kohler sink from the MFG library



Plan View Camera.JPG

Plan View.JPG

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2 hours ago, Kenoeightspot said:

In this plan file the symbol comes in with the "Auto Generate" box filled in with black box. uncheck this box

and then the symbol can have the filled changed.


Works in X11, not in X10 ?

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