X11 showing offset shadows when sent to layout?


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this started this morning on this plan only.  all elevations have the shadows offset when I sent the plot line to my layout page.  the shadows are perfect in the actual elevation, but get offset when sent to layout.  live view shows the elevation perfectly, but it's not the view I use for sending elevations to layout.  checked my other drawings and they are ok, no problems.


anyone have this issue and a solution?



19-0520-MB-BlackmoreResid-24x36-SHDOW OFFSET.pdf

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59 minutes ago, Chrisb222 said:

I get shadow offsetting a lot on 3D plot lines with shadows:

That's pretty much what I see on all 3D plot line views sent to layout with shadows on. I have yet to get a 3D vector view that looks correct.

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