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  1. this started this morning on this plan only. all elevations have the shadows offset when I sent the plot line to my layout page. the shadows are perfect in the actual elevation, but get offset when sent to layout. live view shows the elevation perfectly, but it's not the view I use for sending elevations to layout. checked my other drawings and they are ok, no problems. anyone have this issue and a solution? thanks 19-0520-MB-BlackmoreResid-24x36-SHDOW OFFSET.pdf
  2. I sent it to tech before posting here. they had no useable solution, just suggested redraw in X10
  3. Thanks Fellas Sorry it took so long to get back here. It's been super busy this past year and this new issue just wasn't helping. I kept a copy of this house in X9 and will finish it there, but interested to see I'm not the only one that has this issue. I usually make my trim out of solids or mouldings, but with a time crunch I decided to try the freize boards in X9 for this plan, and it worked good. Just disappointed it crapped out when I imported to X10. Until this is resolved in a program update, I will go back to my secure workarounds.
  4. Anybody else having this issue with X10? I created this plan in X9 and all the freize boards worked good, but when I open it in X10 the boards either won't show up or are all disconnected. This seems especially true on the curved roofs. I asked tech support, but they haven't provided a workable answer. Any thoughts here? 17-0410-SS-Discovery_1-2350-orig.plan
  5. Yea, I see what your saying. I don't add these details to my plan file, I keep them in a this separate plan file that I add to my file folder for each job. I then add the reference the details to the layout file before printing. My actual plan file runs fast and easy because its all Chief work no or very little CAD. In this CAD plan I need to adjust and remove some details for every different job before I send them to final layout, I find it slow and tiresome.
  6. For work I need to use many details and notations that in autoCAD were kept on a separate plan and imported into the working drawing as needed. However this has become a slow process to do in Chief and wanted to know if there is a workaround to this issue. I have attached a sample of one of the CAD pages i created in Chief to see if others get the same slow reaction to zoom and pans. Could this be a "purge" issue? I used to purge my autoCAD files by writing purge in the task bar, but how is this done in Chief? Untitled
  7. Ya...I think it must be some setting in preferences that got selected by mistake when I upgraded. Doing more investigation tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me.
  8. might be a stupid question, but i have been noticing lately that all my drawing files are zoomed into a single letter or line in the drawing upon opening it for the first time of the day. i have saved the drawing the previous day while zoomed out to full floor plan, but when opening the same plan the next day it will be zoomed in to a single spot/line/text letter. not a big deal as i just zoom out to the full floor plan and start working ....just a little annoying is all. anybody have the same issue?
  9. Well, time for an update: Thanks to everyone for all your help and advise, much appreciated. Tried everything under the sun to get my laptop to Raytrace in X9 even loading Windows 10 onto it, but to this day it just refuses to do it. So, after almost five years of great laptop service I have given it it's retirement papers and sent it to live in the kitchen where the wife can use it. My new replacement has arrived and it's up and running super fast. Did a speed test thru Ookla on both systems, old and new, and the new rig is over 200% internet
  10. Chief recommends on the dot com site that X9 would be best running 16GB ram (I have 12GB) and a video card with 4 to 8GB ( i have 3GB) Been delaying the new computor purchase for a couple years now, but looks like X9 could be the straw that breaks. Pricing out new rigs today.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. Just changed the general camera settings to these and tried the raytrace again.....still get same instant error message. However, I am able to pull up the plan in standard 3D view with 70% ambient occlusion as you do. Tried 100% but whole file crashes to black screen in any 3D.
  12. Thanks, I saw that post on saturday and tried that solution, by downloading the suggested files.....didn't work.
  13. I submitted a case to tech on sunday and received a response to submit the plan in question to tech. I submitted the plan file to tech at 6am tuesday morning. Same time I shared to this forums users for other opinions.