dormer 2nd floor issue


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client is wanting boys bedroom on 2nd floor. Egress will be thru dormer window after opening door. I cannot get the dormer thru automatice dormer to set in there. 

I would appreciate any help in designing a dormer to set in area landing. 


Thank you if someone can assist me.



Newell Cheatheam

Chief x11 



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I downloaded the plan and had a look at it.  The Ontario Building Code requires that 5% of the floor space in a bedroom be unobstructed window opening.  A window at the end of a hallway, such as in the dormer depicted would not qualify.  I realize that you are not in Ontario, but all building codes have some very similar elements, and I would suggest you look into code requirements before going too far down the design path.  The consequences of building something not code compliant can be very severe if anything goes wrong at a later date, or if the construction is flagged by a building inspector.  Doing work without a building permit often attracts court action by the municipality, if not for the contractor, certainly for the homeowner.    


I am not implying that this is what you are doing, just offering some advice for those who are not familiar with the constraints imposed by building code and the municipalities who administer them. 

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You did ok as far as ChiefArchitect.


You drew the line for knee wall. And appears to tried to place automated dormer.

The reason it did not generate because it needs to be in the attic. While you declared it the "Attic" room - it is not the attic. Attic room tells CA not to generate drywall, baseboards, etc.



1) Go level UP to the attic

2) Draw same knee wall in the same space using references

3) Hit automated dormer and click in between eaves and your knee wall centered in your space. The dormer should generate just fine.

4) Remove the knee wall in the attic.



As far as codes as long as the door is there it can NOT be a bedroom. (Art and crafts or remove the door?)

You egress has to be more than 20" wide and no more than 44" from the floor.  Thus windows have to be framed at like 40 to be safe.



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