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  1. Under the options tab there is a button for Recessed.
  2. I believe you can draw that wall on the attic level and it will fill in
  3. By the time you vehicles in the garage, you probably wouldn't notice the pattern
  4. I use different layers (in layout) for different title block sizes , I have one for 30 x 42, one for 24 x 36 (my default) and one for 8x11. You will have to change the paper size and scale etc. but I think this accomplished what you want.
  5. Dermot posted on a similar topic that might help you here:
  6. eric @Solver did a couple of videos on creating your garage door symbol, here is the first one
  7. are you using paste in place? not sure if it makes a differenc, but it might
  8. I had an issue similar to this once before and tracked it down to anti-virus software
  9. Probably doesn't help you but It prints fine for me.
  10. your pdf appears normal to me, I use Adobe.
  11. This is straight from Chief - no cad lines. What you are wanting to do is not hard.
  12. Thanks Eric, very useful information.
  13. I label wall sections and details in Layout often times.
  14. I had an anti-virus program once (Norton I believe) that cause a similar problem with a different CAD program. Some sort of update they did suddenly started messing with my computer - point is, it could be another program running in the background thats causing the issue.
  15. You might try creating your own symbol, using chiefs tools or maybe something like sketchup.
  16. Doesnt help you right now, but I believe X13 will have the ability to create girts.
  17. I would do B & W typical elevations and a color rendering on the cover page (or other sheet)
  18. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00344/modeling-a-subdivision-or-lot-with-multiple-structures.html?fbclid=IwAR32gUILvHB1iOoZN5d36xP9Tsnq_TXXoRTiQXvxrFx8aJHVnq6_Lr70ChI
  19. I think Windows 10 is free.
  20. Depends on the size and what going to be inside the "punch outs". I believe a window can only be so small. I have used wall material regions for small punch outs.
  21. I am using Mophio Trace as well and have been very happy with it. I use a rough-surfaced screen protector to help with the sketching. Here is a prelim sketch I did for a project using the program.
  22. I would recommend 1 TB as a minimum. and the 17" screen if its a desktop replacement, but if its to take out to the field, I would select the 15.6"
  23. It looks like you have manually changed the length of the roof overhang in the roof tab of the wall specification. If you click the little wrench icon, it will adjust the roof overhangs to your default setting.
  24. Chief is measuring to the outside of the framed wall, not the brick, if you turn on your wall layers , you can see it.
  25. Windows is a PITA on stuff like this, just checking - but have you rebooted the computer?