Hidden Line Foundations in Elevations and Plotting Problem


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I'm creating Elevations in Line Drawing view and am attempting to display the foundation lines below grade as hidden.  I'm trying to use a technique I've seen used before where you mask the area in a polyline box with a transparent background and the border whited out along with a diagonal fill hatch in white.  My first issue is that even though I attempt to widen the spacing I've created between the dashes using line weight it appears that I'm not seeing a noticeable change in width in my Elevation View.


I've attempted to check my work by printing to PDF but I have come across another problem that acts more like a bug in the program than an error that I have created.  On the elevation that I've attempted to modify in this way my polyline box I have created prints as a large blank spot covering an area around twice that the box actually covers, taking out the house completely from just under the roof line and extending down past the elevation label.  I also have problems that elevation dimensions creating in the view shift noticeably from layout to pdf.  Lines that I have overlaid onto the said elevation depicting grades also shift wildly from layout to pdf print.  I also have another elevation view on that same page that has ghosting and shifting of lines.


I'd be pulling my hair out about now but... don't have enough to do so.


Now it's been a while since

9488 Silverside 18 0127 sht 4 19 0215.pdf



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I figured I could change the wall linetype but never tried because of the reason of above grond lines that Ridge Runner gave, but I figured what the heck and just now attempted your suggestion - but without success.  I can easily change the foundation wall linetype in the plan view but no matter what I try (ie. change linetype under wall type in the wall specification dialogue or all layers that pop up when I highlight the wall in the elevation view) I cannot get the elevation view to display the foundation as hidden lines.

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On 2/15/2019 at 5:43 AM, contractcad said:

I'm creating Elevations in Line Drawing view and am attempting to display the foundation lines below grade as hidden.


I believe Vector and to a limited degree Standard are the only 2 view types that will display anything other than a solid line.


If you want a dashed (hidden) line, try vector view.

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