Is there an easy way to add the same amt height to all ceilings at once?


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I think you mean to an all ready modeled plan say with 8' ceilings to change to 9' ceilings automatically


I know in the "old" days there wasn't a really good way to do this

but I "retired" in 2012 and have lost track on this issue


so "match properties" may do the trick - but probably need auto-roof rebuild and auto-framing rebuild etc turned on


I remember having to doing a few of these adjustments back around 2008 and there was some cleanup work

that needed to be done afterwards


today ... maybe not ?



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1 hour ago, rockyshepheard said:

Is there an easy way to add a given amt of  height to all ceilings on a single floor at once (as measured from the finished floor)?


"EASY" is a relative term.  If you know how to do these things...yes, then it's fairly simple.  If you don't...well, frustration station is just ahead.  


If you are referring to the plan you posted recently...well, the entire plan is one big room.  You can open "defaults" and go to floors/rooms tab and change the default height.  The plan  ceiling height will change.  However, if you have a roof on this plan...the roof will not move.  You will have to manually move the roof planes up or down in the "Z" axis the same dimension you raised or lowered the default ceiling height.  (did we lose you?)


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