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Hello Chiefs, 

Is there a possibility to have all the truss webbing line up so it looks better on a cross section view?  I usually set the Back Clip to only include one truss (24") but there are occasions that I need to see "deeper" then 24".  I tried to "custom make" the truss in the CAD view option but to no avail, they keep coming on the screen differently.

Thanks in advance for your input!

Truss Webbing.PNG

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I was mostly concerned about the floor trusses but with this advise I fixed both.  Thanks for that golden tip!!  Typical of me not to think outside the box :o.  With creating another layer set I was able to have the ends of all the trusses showing in the one section view but only the face of one truss in the other section view so that works great! 

Appreciate your help!  

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