Poly fill can't be texture? (non-3d object)


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2 hours ago, Chopsaw said:

Did you have something specific in mind Johnny ?


Yep, I often place my texture materials in a small box to the side to show the material more specifically and call it out - I posted a quick example.  Thinking through this I found I could use a polysolid but then its a 3rd element in the model, and I need to then trace over with a box to get the perimeter line to show.


If you stop to think about it, why can't a 2d box have a texture fill??  I can do it in any other CAD/BIM app i use.



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Yes that looks good Johnny,   You could just import an image but it would be great to have scale and tile controls as well the ability to custom crop as needed.   Likely would not be a big deal for Chief to include that as a new feature.

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What is the difference between a cad poyline with a texture  or a picture of the same texture - a Picture File Box?

No difference?

You can Import Picture, resize it, crop it, etc.

One advantage of Picture File Box is that it will display the texture in plan view.

It will also display as a texture in a vector view - which a normal material will not do.

One disadvantage is that it can only be a rectangle or square - no other shapes - but that may be OK for your purpose.

 All you need is access to the texture picture - which will vary depending on it's location on disk - very easy if has been imported and resides in your textures folder or if you have a picture somewhere on your computer.

You can access the texture images by finding where they are on your system by using Preferences...General ...Folders...All Program Paths...Show.

Most are in .zip files which you can copy to a new folder and unzip.

It's probably not wise to unzip them where they are.

I just had a quick look and can open the User, Bonus and Manufacturer's files easily, but I am having trouble getting to the Core one.

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