Dongle for X1 needed


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Probably best to contact Chief Customer Service and see what they would recommend.  As far as I recall, a dongle is registered to the actual license, so in theory if I sent you mine, you would have to run my license.  And doing so would likely violate the terms of service as my X10 license was upgraded from X1 (through various versions in between) and is the same license.

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The dongle will work with any properly licensed software


it is illegal to sell the dongle without selling the license also


CA allows the dongle to be donated to a licensed user

I charged $5 for mailing cost


best to verify with CA if the "borrower" is a licensed user before sending the dongle



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Thanks for that, I have been a licensed user since 2000 but I have taken the last 8 or 9 years off since the crash in construction and I'm just getting back into it.

   I was told by chief architect that I could ask to see if any were available on the forum as they didn't have any to sell me at the time.

 Like I said I'm going to buy the upgrade at the  Holiday sale.


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Unfortunately, I already donated my X1 dongle to someone


hopefully someone can donate theirs to you


be aware that starting with X10 CA no longer uses dongles - software lock only


I have decided to stay with X9 and so has my partner as we prefer hardware locks


We are keeping our SSA active for now so I do have X10

but I have no plans to use it at this time


the timing was unfortunate as X10 introduces the plan set feature and it sounds very useful

but I am retired and for my personal history preservation projects I don't even use anno-sets


so for now X9 meets my needs fine



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7 hours ago, BoiseDesigns said:

Like I said I'm going to buy the upgrade at the  Holiday sale.


I think anything before X6 requires a Full Re-buy now but you are right they do often have 10-20% Off at Xmas.


You can also Rent Monthly now ($199) but it does work out 20% more expensive after the 16 month Rent to Own period

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also, if you should decide to buy an older version get X4 or later

as X4 introduced anno-sets


avoid X3 as it had a library subscription system that was horrid


X4 introduced the current library system and is much better

it still needs improvements but it works fairly well


rental would be a good way to go



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      Hello again everyone. I have a question but I'm not sure anyone can help. 
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