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I need to create a 30'x60' Shelter

10' plate height and 6/12 asphalt roof.

The attached pictures are of one I want to copy. Although much larger.

Note that the post are set in about 4 feet from the drip line & where the slab will be.

The ends are not treated like the side with respect to the post placement but I think you could do that method.

So for me the trick is getting the roof framing to build correctly.

There is no frame wall but a beam for the rafters to cut & sit on.


Just thought I would throw it out there & see what to watch out for for framing to work correctly.




Pinic 1.JPG

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3 hours ago, ACADuser said:

So for me the trick is getting the roof framing to build correctly.


Perhaps try a 0"-12" high 2nd level and use that to control the 4ft overhangs ?


Not sure I would frame it like the Original though .....I'd suggest Trusses like the KB Article

or even the use of large Timber Frame trusses over the Post and Beams


You may need to make a 6" x 6" angle brace symbol to make it faster to place all those , not sure the Library has a plain 4x4 or 6x6 brace available...



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  1. 1st floor invisible walls for the slab/deck
  2. Timber framing using posts, beams, general framing members.
  3. 2nd floor (open below) using solid curb wall (wood perimeter beam?).  Set floor height as 6-8" or whatever that perimeter beam height is
  4. Roof sits on 2nd floor 
  5. No Ceilings at all.


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Here's another option below. Create a wall def that has 8 x 8 (or custom size) framing members @ 8 ft O.C. with single 10" deep top plate, no bottom plate - see the wall def dbx - and build as normal walls - simple roof 48" overhang, season to taste etc. etc.


Could not be built as drawn without very substantial beams to support ridge/king posts etc. but it's a start...


Oh yeah, correct the roof pitch as needed.



GAZEBO 1.png


BOB TEST 1.plan


GAZEBO 4.png

GAZEBO 3.png

GAZEBO 2.png

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