Not working; Importing Sketch-up into Chief


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Hi there,


I am new to this ChiefTalk / Forum but i need help.


I am trying to Import a 3D Sketch-up object from the 3D warehouse into chief. It is a Teknion office product.

When i go to File - Import - Import 3D symbol - attach the document, i get the attached pop - up.


Any idea's what the issue could be? 


I am using X9.




Warning - Pop Up.GIF

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I found the issue. I had to click on the object in the 3D warehouse and download it as an older version of sketchup.

Now it's importing correctly.


My next question; how do i change Materials if the object comes in as one colour/material.




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32 minutes ago, Joe_Carrick said:

You can't.  The Sketchup object has to have separate materials.


Could perhaps Open it in SketchUp and change the Materials there after Exploding it and re-save it and re-import into Chief....


Some-one with more SU Skills will have to advise further if you need to do that


I remember another thread on Teknion and their symbols all being White Or Orange but only one Color but don't think I saw a solution posted...



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On 8/29/2018 at 3:48 PM, Kbird1 said:

Could perhaps Open it in SketchUp and change the Materials there after Exploding it and re-save it and re-import into Chief....


It is do-able in SU2107 , select the Object , RC>Explode and then use the Menu/TAB on the Right to play with Materials using the Paint Bucket Tool , then save and import into CA. It will then come into Chief with separate Materials which you can then Change to any Material in Chief......


I think Teknion was probably Lazy converting the Files , ie they imported the .DWG into SU and just immediately saved in SU to .skp hence the one Material.


This is the Original Teknion Zones Chair and the one I "played" with....




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