Corner Closet With Different Widths From Left And Right Sides


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Hi guys!

I'm stucking with nothing again, yep =)


The problem: how could I do corner cabinet with different widht from left and right side of it? For example, I need to do 500mm the left and 600 the right (see the pic attached)


many thanks!@)



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Yes, i tried this way, thank you. But may be is there way to do that using proper type of cabinet. Its important from specification and bill of materials point of view. And what is possibly even more important for correct elevation views.

So the ball is still in game: is it possible?

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What exactly are you expecting in elevation view? Here's the same concept as I posted earlier, but with a corner cabinet as the filler, which will correct any problems with the toe kick. I'm no cabinet maker, but the BOM should be pretty darn close.











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Thank you keep helping me .. sorry, was out of internet coverage.

So the plan is attached with dimensions that must be as pointed.

Hope it'll make the issue clear )


And please proposing filler check that it displayed correctly in perspective view and elevations


UPD its not allowed here to upload *.plan file .. ((

so i can upload jpg ((


if you encounter same issue please feel free to send attachments to my email directly (


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