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  1. Thank you .. Well, you were right: I have given another round to Hatchkit and found it useful to my purposes. It is kinda edgy but works really well.
  2. Hello guys, long time no see. I am struggling 2nd day already to find a way of getting custom patterns in CA. It is just terrible! What I've tried already: - hatchkit tool (dreadfully awkward) - coding in a txt file renaming it to pat then (not for complex patterns but for dot-line styles) - making superhatch in autocad and trying to GETPAT it from there (no success since it doesn't accept exporting shapes, hatch only) - trying to put it to dxf and getting sections from there using txt editor (just dropped it after 3am) Dear Big Brain, please help! What I need is very simple: to draw shapes and turn them into custom PATs which will be available for import to CA
  3. Dears, thank you all for your help I know I could find many ways to keep the appearance looking real. Just wanted to understand if there's right way like using mulled units or similar to keep phisycal structure right. Okay then, now I see it doesnt worth it =) thanks
  4. Yes, I concluded the same. Just try to make appropriate visual appearance not trying to keep phisycal structure right (framing, cutouts etc.) anyway, thanks for your attention and participation)
  5. Thank you, Robert I tried bit different way: combined windows (no sills, frames etc) and then tried to put door right in to the place, And I could tune this combo to look good enough from inside the room. But outside of the room I got this concrete "frame" around the door block that drives me mad-/ Any ideas to remove it please? Also: it's still a way of some cheating and I tried to find kinda "right way". You know, just like stacking window blocks to each other and make it mulled item. But it doesnt work well - each time I get strange 'frames' in between of the blocks (just like with the door described above) Alex
  6. Dear colleagues Yesterday I've spent abt three hours with no result - tried to build glass door built in to a large window module. Please help me with advice what's the right way to make this (see pic attached) ps: sure I tried mulled units but it ddint work for me
  7. Hey, thanks a lot! The framing looks cool. I would add some extra layer or just add some thickness to the existing. In other aspects - yes, what you've done looks similar to what's required. Thank you, Rich (?) As for the rating I do not know either .. just realized one day that it's -1 .. do not know why. hope next night I will finish the plan and will compare to yours )) Thank you!
  8. Wow! great help, thank you, magic green=) about solids - he-he-he - of course I figured that it can be done with solids) but what shall you do with framing then? that's why I stuck with this. I understand that the issue doesn't seem to be critial - just trying to experiense CA deeper btw you got pretty accurate porch *thumb*
  9. Yes, thank you, it's pretty similar to the reference. I got the idea well. I have already asked Johny above how he got the porch. May you please give your advice too?
  10. Thank you for reply. Yes, I think similar: they just applied same meterial and made fascial equal to wall thickness. So we get the illusion. Actually I tried to solve the model by myself and what I stuck with now is how to make framing for the "porch"
  11. Good evening, guys) Have just got the issue. Please, help (hope somebody has already had same thing) What is most effective way to make roof becoming walls? like here:
  12. Here is comprehensive guide to canadian wood-frame house construction. It corresponds to the national codes but doesn't replace it - you should know official requirements anyway. Nevertheless it is totally helpfull for me .. hope you'll find so) Size 12Mb Format *.pdf. link:
  13. Yes, Rich text goes ok with Cyrillic but all other elements don't. Hope for further update 'cause it can not be commercially used without cyr fonts Thank you, Doug.