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1 hour ago, johnny said:

I know each floor references its own layers




I am not sure what you mean by this.

In fact, I'm a bit confused by your post.

Can't we presently have an item one floor be referenced on any other floor (all other floors)?

You may have to change the referenced floor when you change the current floor as Chief uses the last floor you were on as the reference floor.

Of course, you can then control what is displayed on the reference floor by using a Reference Floor Layerset.

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4 hours ago, johnny said:

I know each floor references its own layers - and what is "on" (rather displayed) that layer - but is there a way to have items on a layer be visible across all floors?


No,  It is not available now...... that option is what I refer to as the mmrls.....  the MULTIPLE MULTIPLE REFERENCE LAYER SETS  ...... I have requested this......  they heard me......  I think they think it is a valid request,  it has not come to fruition.....  yet.

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That would be a great feature to have ...if I understand correctly. You want to do something like display the second floor and attic layer in one view.

I kind of got this done by using the reference layers and changing the colors. Took a bit of time. The reason was because I put some dormers on 2nd floor and some on the attic, I couldn't send one view to the layout that would show all the dormers.


Great feature request ....I second the motion :)



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My good buddy, the incomparable D. Scott Hall has been requesting this needed improvement every 2 weeks for at least the past 10 years and I will continue to support the request every time.  To date I've used 3 techniques myself depending on the situation...


1.  Overlapped views sent to layout.

2.  Cameras (including their callouts, their cross section lines, and/or their labels).  Cameras are the one object in Chief that CAN be displayed on all floors.  Walkthrough Paths are another unique tool that can be utilized for certain purposes but I'm just considering those cameras too.

3.  Another hack that I'm going to just leave un-named.  I'm sure some of you probably remember seeing my posts it in the past but it doesn't seem like  a method many Chiefers were willing or able to employ.  Plus, Chief took away the capability in X10 and so its no longer possible without an extra add-on hack to accommodate the main hack...not very efficient anymore. 


Anyway, all the above methods have some pretty major downsides.  I really hope Chief adds the ability to specify multiple reference floors sooner than later. 

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