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24" NEC EA245WMI-BK 1920x1200 or 27" BENQ PD2700Q 2560x1440


I would like opinions on what everyone thinks would be a better choice for a triple monitor setup.

I should start by saying that these will be used for CAD and Chief Architect. No gaming.

I currently have 3 monitor that are all different sizes. An ultrawide would be nice. But I don't think I would have enough space. I will be running CAD/Chief on 2 monitors and e:mail reference material on the third.

Pros for the NEC.

1. Display port out for daisy chaining.

2. 16:10 ratio.

3. USB 3 type C

Pros for the BENQ

1. CAD/CAM mode

2. Larger screen.

3. Higher resolution

Both have almost identical specs and a 3 year warranty.

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I'd be rather tempted to go to the 27" screen...I'm a screen size junkie though...the less "scroll-in/scroll-out" I feel the need for the better!  The USB-C hub can be a separate item if needed...that said, the display-port out is a nice option...

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I went from a IPS NEC 23" to the BenQ VA 32" (BL3200PT) at 2560x1440  (...4k was just too Tiny for me) and love the extra size , in fact I got a second one on sale ,as they changed that line to the new Series which is the one you are looking at the PD Series I think (PD3200Q).  The VA Panel has not been an issue for me and saved me some ( alot) money at 32" over IPS at the time. BenQ Tech. Support has been excellent , they also use local repair facilites ( at least here) to sub out work if needed, so no shipping across country if there is an issue. HOwever NEC was also very good when I asked them a few questions even out of warranty.


However CAD/CAM MODE IS HORRIBLE :)   don't use it ..... very bad Blue Cast....at least on the BL3200PT ..I am just using the User Mode and set my own Gamma and Colour etc as Off the shlef it was set to 100% Brightness and my Calibrator say 28% is perfect :)


I actually use the Old NEC at 1080 X1920 (Portrait Mode) on the Side for Email etc....been working great.


Most Vidoecards now have 3 DP outputs ( plus HDMI and DVI-D) so I am not sure Daisy-chaining is needed perhaps on a Mac its needed?




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I use 3 Dell 27" 2560 x 1440 here and they work well for my day job (software) and Chief.  The move from 3 x 24" I had before was really worth while so I would recommend the 27" of those two options as its 60% more space. The text is smaller when not scaling on the 27" compared to the 24" (109 dpi vs 94) but I actually find that better.


For reference I have tried one 43" and missed the convenience of easier window separation (it was too big for side screens on my desk!).  I also tried 2 x 40" and didn't like the central bar or off to the side mode of working.


So for now I am a bit stuck as to how to go better other than perhaps  16 x 10 form factor 30" screens. However as that is no longer a common form factor its quite pricey and as an upgrade would only give me 11% more space.  For now the only thing I am sure on is I want my next upgrade to be high dpi monitors to benefit from sharp text when scaled as required.

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