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Hi All


I have three questions...y'all have been so helpful, so I give you a 3 for one deal today!


1) I am trying to create seams in hardie siding.  I have attached the reference photo (grey area).  The Hardie material is already in the catalog, and it "paints" well with no seams, which is usually how I prefer, but in this case I need to create the seams and see each individual panel.  I tried to alter the material definition, and I created a new material with a border but both didn't work well. 


2) Also, this same photo shows cedar panels that are thicker than the Hardie.  The cedar is on it's own floor, so these areas are already separated by floor.  I tried having a thicker wall type but the walls were skewed (one jutted out).  I see in material definition that there is a thickness area available,but it doesn't seems to change visually.


3) Finally, the windows in the photo are really reflective.  I like this effect.  I am not seeing this in my ray trace so (after a suggestion from tech support) I put a polyline in front of the building and painted a backdrop to give the windows something to reflect but it didn't work so well.  Then I had to learn about refractive index from Wikipedia, and I  had to take a nap.  Can I get the windows to reflect more?  Water is more reflective than diamond? Or vice versa...


Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance



hardie seams.PNG

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1) to get the seams correct, you'll need to do virtually what the siding installer would do...cut and install individual pieces! Material regions or p-solids. Not what you wanted to hear but I've been there.

3) window reflections are the source of my premature grey hair! Trial and error...

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As for the Cedar it will depend on the Wall definition and how the two walls Align ...they usually Align over the "Main Layer Outside" , ie usually the Framing , so just making the wall thicker won't work unless you "resize about Inner Surface" perhaps. ( Alt-Q Shortcut key)


Will they be aligned in real life? (RL)  if yes then build your wall layers as in RL, ie the Hardi will be mounted on 1/2 thick Treated Battens usually (Rain-screen) , there should likely be a Flashing detail between them too.


I hope your Client realizes Cedar requires ALOT of maintenance , it looks great for the 1st 2-3 years but tends to take a beating with UV, Rain etc as it can move dramatically in different weather conditions.....



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I agree looks great.  I downloaded but can't find it in my user catalog...I also downloaded RL-inc's metal panel and it showed up in the user catalog... any suggestions?


But I had JUST finished making my own panel and then this reply came in.  I did a combination of wall material regions (multiple copy including a gap) and then took a snip of this in PBR, and used as a material to paint entire exterior.  Then used wall material region for cedar to make thicker.  I think turned out pretty nice, but now I would like to try rlacklore's panels....


As always, great help here.


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2 hours ago, rlackore said:


They should import - don't know why they wouldn't. Here are their names:



Thanks again Robert , looks good , they imported fine here to my User Library


( they aren't in a HardiPanel Folder Melissa, if that's what you looked for? )



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