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  1. Those look nice! I have gotten somewhat realistic pool water in Chief. But I thought I'd try Vray out. Thanks for your images!
  2. Well, since I got no replies I ventured out in VRay for rendering vs. Chief. VRay (by Chaos) allows powerful rendering with less of a learning curve. They also have great video tutorials. One of the tutorials was dedicated to realistic pool water. Five days into the free trial (Vray for Sketchup) I am hooked. So less work in Chief, just getting the 3D structures set up, and import 3DS into sketchup and update materials, lights, etc. (I guess I could learn how to build the structures in sketchup, but I still suck at using the sketchup tools...) There is a big difference in the photorealistic quality as seen in the images provided, and I am nowhere near to learning all the techniques in Vray. Here are two animations of the same scene. One in Chief and the other using VRay.
  3. Hi All I am trying to render pool water. I have tried different things but I just can't seem to get it to look right. The first two supplied are from "pool Studio". To me these look fairly realistic. I like the transparency and color. The last two are my renderings. I know it has a lot to do with the pool plaster material, texture, etc. But I just can't seem to get a good pool water. I have gone to the Sketch Up Club for good images. Just looking for tricks and tips as I have been doing alot of pools lately.. thanks in advance melissa
  4. Hi All I am using distributed objects for plants in garden beds. Due to a slope of the elevation, I find it easier to use a polyline solid for the mulch material to level out the bed. But when I add a distributed object area for plants, the plants lower themselves to the terrain, so they are buried a little in the mulch. I can't see how to raise or lower the the distributed object area (in yellow in pic). I tried a garden bed but it still seems the plants are submerged a bit. Thanks melissa
  5. PBR is physical based rendering. One of the ways Chief shows the 3D images. You have a choice when displaying your camera view as standard, PBR, Vector view, and many other types. PBR is one of the newer ways chief allows users to see their work in the most realistic format. Closer to what you might see in the result of a ray trace. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks Gene. That makes sense. And I am learning the more surfaces on the object the slower my computer. I now understand all those squares. I attach the PBR, vector and standard render. And thanks for the image for the Hill Country. Yes, that is true! I need to remember to add this type of artwork in!
  7. HI All I am ray tracing a scene with a 3D plant (from sketchup) and the shadows are showing squares rather than the actual shadow of the plant (1 pass image shown below). I have purposely moved the sun around to cast shadows to the back of the image as I have found manually manipulating the sun gives much better RTs than using natural sun angles (at least for me). I attach the skp file and what the plant looks like in the object info window of CA. Any ideas how to get rid of this square shadow? I uncheck the ray casted shadows in camera tool pre-ray trace, and it looks better but still ray traces with the square shadow. Thanks in advance, melissa Blue Flax Lily.skp
  8. Thanks to everyone's help! Just about endless what you can do. I am playing with Dingbat fonts in DaFont (some are not uploading in Sketchup) but enough are that amy kind of polyline solid can be created and then subtracted.
  9. Wow! This is exactly what I needed! Thanks so much. I have Sketchup and will try there. And I see you can import fonts from e.g. Melissa
  10. I am trying to create an address sign using a square polyline solid and REMOVING text from the square like in the attached image. I know I can subtract other simple polyline solids, but how do I subtract a letter or number? Chief Architect tech support had no solution. Thanks in advance Melissa
  11. Nevermind, it is the door. Not sure what is wrong with the door, but the knob worked on other doors.
  12. Hi All I created a custom doorknob and it will not place in the door correctly (it lands next to the hinges...). I cannot adjust the offset. I have attached the object. Any ideas? thanks melissa emtek exp.calibz
  13. Hi All I am wondering if you can create a new material from polylines. I have made many new materials from images. But in this instance I would like to make a series of metal circles to use to "paint" a hemi-sphere. I could find an image to use to do this, but I want the circles to actually have real holes so light can shine through them. I have attached an example of this for a light. I am able to create a series of holes using a circle and the 3D molding polyline, multiple copy them and add to the library, but material is not an option. This may not be possible... thanks melissa
  14. Using everyone's help made the sconce. Not perfect but good enough... Having this software is driving my builder nuts but I don't care.... it is too cool Rigby.calibz
  15. In my search for faces and revolving, I found this rather comical video: