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I am trying to send perspectives to clients and reviewers and the drawings are getting too big - any directions for reducing drawings sizes?

So, I will try to be more specific - sorry for any confusion. I am using X9 - my name is Robert and I am an Architect.  I have to send my drawings(pdf. files) to my clients and our county for review and because of the size they tend to be, it has become very hard to send a group of drawings.  I include perspective views with my sets because they "tell the story" to clients and reviewers.  I appreciate all the comments, especially the one about trying to change views (vector,etc.) that may take up less data.... I will continue experimenting - love the software, just having a learning curve issue from AutoCad.

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better explanation of issue

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If you mean file sizes, print to "PDF" using a 3rd party "PDF" driver. Do not use Chief's print to "PDF"., their file size is very large compared to others..

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There are a lot of things that cause this.  One of the worst is sending a pdf file to your layout.  Live views make files bigger.  Even the camera view style you use can change the file size.  Standard and vector view are alright but water color with lines added will be a much bigger file.  Interior design elements can also make for an unmanageable file size.  Certain objects have WAY more face counts than others.  Storing a lot of jpeg images in a plan or layout file will also start adding up.  It takes work to keep these files clean and lean.

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3 hours ago, RobertGHess said:

yes the file sizes



Are you talking about the .plan File size or the size of Images taken and exported out of Chief , because I have never seen those large in size...perhaps you need to explain more ?


Also, it's good to have your Forum Signature filled in please, especially with the Software Version,
and of course a Name is nice too :) ..............see mine below in Blue for how to do that.



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1 minute ago, Kbird1 said:

Are you talking about the .plan File size


Yes it seems Robert is sharing plan files for use with the Client Viewer or Compatible version of Chief software and yes the files can get to be too large to email even if zipped so the only practical solution it to use a cloud service.  Or as Eric suggested the 3D Viewer.

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Ok , he send he was sending perspectives ,  which I thought meant perspective views , so has me confused....... as I am not aware of anyone who gives Client's his Full Plan File.



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