Training for Architects in MA/NH??

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I am an architect working for a residential design build company in Nashua, NH, specializing in remodeling.

The company has Chief Architect X9.

I would like to be able to find training that is intensive, teaches me everything I need to know to draw Architectural and Existing Condition Drawings, accurate renderings, manipulate grade, etc. and shows me the capabilities of Chief so I am using all it has to offer.

(I need to set up the layers and wall types as a default, be able to cut sections, and manipulate things, etc.)

Is there anyone near me willing to train me?




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Well, I'm still learning after 13 years. Good luck. I took a couple of classes when I started and that was enough to go with it. Everyone has their own way of doing  the setup, and I know of no one that does it just like me and I can't work with anyone else's setup. It is fun though.



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I believe Chief usually offers training at the Northeast JLC show which is in March. Gives you time to get beyond beginner if that's where you are now?

They're also offering training at IBS/KBIS in Orlando in January. 


I started with an online course from Chief and had the two employees I trained start that way. Granted our work is different but not by all that much. 

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37 minutes ago, chief58 said:

Look at the and, a few good sites for learning the program along with Chief video's

Woah.  This is perfect! I haven't come across this format yet, and the Master Chief Architect Course seems to be exactly what I need!

Thank you.

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Hi, I'm 5 minutes away from you.  I was trying to get a CA user group going but there was little interest.  I use X8 but would be glad to help get you going.  No charge; but if you can show me how to import from sketchup we'll be even. 
Joe Perry
Shady Lane
603 521 8201

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