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  1. I am/was generally pretty good at solving problems and finding work arounds. I spent 2 days getting to this point. The left side has all rooms set with the kitchen, 1 1/2 baths, stairs, 1st floor walls painted etc. I'll just mirror everything for the other side. the dormers were placed using the floating option. The main roof went the all the way across the front cutting through the dormers and windows. I finally resorted to grab the front of the roof opening and dragged it to the edge of the eave, its still there, you just can't see it. I love this software and design homes for fun. (Comment: I ran ray trace on both set for 10 passes. the exterior took 6 min 17 the interior 17 minutes 34 sec. I should try 2o passes For any of the older uses: How long do you think it would have taken to render with 10 or X1?) I would appreciate assistance finding I'm dyslexic and did not do well with clients and coming up with the words to do a search doesn't do well either. The kitchen walls are Old Fashion Milk Paint color buttermilk. I'm doing this design as the beginning of ab English Village I felt like doing. Last year I did a pocket community using 2 and 3 bedroom homes between 900 sq ft and 1340 sq ft with 1, 1 1/2 and 2 baths. style was that of old New England Fishing shacks. I hope someone can offer assistance. Its 1:30 am. This weekend I'll move the dormer openings back and do a rendering to add to this. Joe
  2. This happens in some software if it overlaps some boundaries. I just thought of something. Open up a perspective floor overhead window and move things around and see if you can find it? If it's buried in a wall or floor. in 3D you should be able to click om it also. Turning off walls, floors cabinets fixtures and appliances and look. DJP I never ran across it in 8 or 9. Click on it and see what layer it is on. or import it into the library and place it from there.
  3. I am thinking of a users group here in NH. I have found 4 so far, I am planning to use Go to Meeting, if you want to could look at working together. A possible lunch at the Colonial Inn or another location is possible once a year.
  4. ill1 1.tifI would like to thank all of you for the information you provided. I now know several ways to do things. I have been using CAD for close to 50 years but have never had the time to learn about computers. I have also found that once in your 80's is not a good time to start. I use Dell to take care of the computer and all I need to do is worry about the software. Thank you all again. Oh, I am dyslexic and have problems explaining computer problems, using a different language that I don't understand is a problem. Attached is a rendering of the house with Lobster Traps to be repaired next to it. Ginetta has nothing to do with homes, the picture of one has been added. 1965 Ginetta G.4, size isn't every thing. A lot of bigger, more powerful cars see this view. ill1 1.tif
  5. Hi, I'm 5 minutes away from you. I was trying to get a CA user group going but there was little interest. I use X8 but would be glad to help get you going. No charge; but if you can show me how to import from sketchup we'll be even. Joe Perry Shady Lane Nashua 603 521 8201
  6. ltr.tifltr.tifI am designing a Series of small 2 & 3 bedroom homes for HH or some group building these homes for the working class. These are based on fishing shacks which are scatted along the New England coast; but updated to be Code compliant and ideal for a couple, small family or a single parent as they vary from 900 - 1350 sq ft.. I decided it would be nice to have lobster traps to be used in renderings. I have started them and attempted to import into a design. I can select the pieces with select all; but the group icon does not appear. I am using X8 And any help will be appreciated. the LT is not complete and the rendering an over view
  7. Have you considered placing a garage with the slab at the top of the foundation. Place a roof on the garage and change the walls to invisible. Place posts and beams Using the post and beam tool build and create your own rails if you want them. It doesn't take long. It you want a framed wood floor on a foundation drop down to the basement level and use the place foundation tool Stuff like this is easy and several different procedures will work. I've been using CAD since the 1970's I used Bentley (3D surfaces) and Intergraph EMS and IFems (3D Solids) The only software I refuse to use is AutoCAD.
  8. Thank you.  The grass on the site requires X9.  I went out on my own just in time for the crash.  I was the person in the back room that did the designs with their names on them.  I should have not ventured out on my own, hindsight is usually correct.  I'm dyslexic and many people didn't want to deal with me.  I ended up closing the business due to loosing much in the crash and then not having much business.  At the end I was getting 3 -6 hundred for a design.  Next came a heart attack with my heart stopping on the way to the hospital.  The last report was that I have cancer.   I couldn't renew SSA so most Library items aren't available.  I amusing X8.  I decided to do designs for HH and specials for disabled vets.  The told me they don't use any designs unless they are FHA approved.  if anyone knows of a vet that has a ramp on each side of the house, one going to the front and the other to the rear.  it uses a wheel chair lift if a full basement is used.  If on a lot sloping down at the rear it could be more living space with walkout.
    Sorry, I don't get out often and when I have a chance to ramble.  I'm in my 80's and told this is usial.

  9. I have done just about anything in CA when rendering. You have many controls on lighting and I have never found it necessary to use another program. I use X8. Mg good computer gave up the ghost and I am forced to use a cheap laptop with poor graphics. I just did this rendering set at 5 passes and all 2d plants The enclosed was done with the cheap card. The time for 5 passes was less than 10 minutes. I do use a simple editor for brightness as my screen is different than printing.
  10. With version 10 a CD of plants were available and the options for grass were much better than they are now. would it be possible for CA to bring them back? Is it possible to change the shade of green while keeping the texture? CA has possibly the best rendering software I have ever used. I had a rendered view on my computer at a show and was asked where the house was located? They were surprised to find it was only on my computer. I told them to look at the grass and pointed to 2 plants that had a white outline. The plants have been changed but I'd like to change the grass for something better. I'm using X8 as I'm working on designs which will be free. I've done a couple for Habitat and am working on a few 2 and 3 bedrooms with 1 or 2 baths. The size is small at 850 to 1250 sq ft. I'd really appreciate it if I could get a better grass to use.
  11. As only 2 people responded, both from outside NH I have decided not to continue with the effort Joe Perry