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  1. GMRothChief

    Deleting A Wall Left Marks

    I am having the same problem. I do not delete the walls - I mark them no room, no locate, wall type demo 4, and a new layer which I do not display in 3d - demo walls. Yet the finish surfaces of walls, and floors, and ceilings all still show a hole, no matter how many times I "rebuild." This is VERY frustrating, as I am doing full sets of construction documents, and cannot simply get rid of the wall entirely. AND the model needs to look perfect for client views!
  2. GMRothChief

    Training for Architects in MA/NH??

    Woah. This is perfect! I haven't come across this format yet, and the Master Chief Architect Course seems to be exactly what I need! Thank you.
  3. GMRothChief

    Training for Architects in MA/NH??

    Hi, I am an architect working for a residential design build company in Nashua, NH, specializing in remodeling. The company has Chief Architect X9. I would like to be able to find training that is intensive, teaches me everything I need to know to draw Architectural and Existing Condition Drawings, accurate renderings, manipulate grade, etc. and shows me the capabilities of Chief so I am using all it has to offer. (I need to set up the layers and wall types as a default, be able to cut sections, and manipulate things, etc.) Is there anyone near me willing to train me? Thanks! Nicole
  4. GMRothChief

    chief mobile, apple vs android

    Hello everyone, The design build and remodeling company i work for is looking into purchasing an IPad or Tablet and a blue tooth laser distancemeter from Leica to use with the Chief Room Planner Mobile App. We are a PC company but I am more bias towards the Apple handheld devices. Is it easier to transfer chief information from an android to a PC, rather than apple to PC? Can anyone give me input on whether an Apple product or an Android is a better purchase? Also, which Leica product do people find more helpful? Thanks in advance!
  5. GMRothChief

    full camera view

    I have changed the finished floor type to a tile and edited the length and width of it. When I go to full camera view and take a standard view why does the tile not change to the desired width and length, but when i change from standard view to line drawing or vector view the change in tile size is there? Thanks!
  6. GMRothChief

    Room selection gone

    Thank you!!
  7. GMRothChief

    Room selection gone

    Help!!! I don't know how I did it but the room will not select and there is no floor in my room. The walls, doors and windows are all connected and it makes a full space except my floor and the option to select is gone. How do i get it back?!?
  8. GMRothChief

    roof/ceiling question

    How can I create a barn style ceiling/roof with a flat interior on a 3'high knee wall?
  9. GMRothChief

    spiral stair case

    How can I place a custom spiral stair case in a corner without it snapping to the walls and wanting to become a corner stair?