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Hello all.

Due to a fire that destroyed my house and ALL possessions, I am forced to a new computer system. 

I have always built my own systems in the past. This time for what I thought would get me back up and running the fastest I ordered one instead.

So, again for the sake of time, and also because I guess it's the thing do, to I now have a Windows 10 system. I was still using Win 7

I will learn it eventually I think. For now my question is on installation location of CA.

New system has a SSD drive as well as a HDD drive. I am confused as to just install CA using default location which would be the SSD, or, try to keep the plan files, or at least maybe the older plan files on the HDD. 

Any file / folder structure/ location suggestions appreciated.


Have not had time to update signature, and may be able to eventually figure some of this out, but loosing 40+ years of stuff has my head spinning..

Unfortunately I've been collecting "stuff" since high school.


In the past using Win 7 I always just installed CA into it's own folder on the C: drive with another folder called "A-Plans", very simple when using file explorer which I use a lot.

Windows 10 with C:\OS, D:\ Data, This PC, and a bunch of other folders has me confused

Anyway...... any help will help me.


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Sorry to hear you had a fire but it looks like you have a pretty good understanding of the basics.  File explorer still exists in Win 10 and you should be able to keep the same format that you are used to and keep CA and your active files on the C: SSD drive and then archive to the HDD when necessary depending on the size of your SSD.


If you have specific questions as you go there are lots of folks here willing to help.

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8 hours ago, DRAWZILLA said:

Don't forget to call tech support to have them deactivate your old copy of chief or your cant activate the new install.


Perry,  I am pretty sure that any user with a login can do that on their own from their Digital Locker.

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It depends on the size of the SSD, how it's partitioned as to what you want to put where.  By Default, Chief will install everything on the C: drive. After that, you have a lot of flexibility.


My SSD has a C: drive for the OS and programs plus a fairly large D: drive.  I moved the Chief Data Folder and my Chief Projects Folders to the D: drive - then set those paths in Chief's Preferences.  I use the HDD for archives, including older versions of the Chief Data Folder.

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Think I will go ahead and install all programs to the SSD which in this case is C:  Music, pictures , old plan file etc. to the HDD which is D:\

I dislike that on manufactured systems (I think it is true in general) is, that they add so much stuff. The SSD drive on this system has 7 partitions on it.

Recovery, support, operating, image and more. When I build i would have one, maybe 2 partitions only.

Maybe this also has something to do with Windows 10, I don't know.

Anyway........Thanks for your suggestions.

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