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My apologies in advance if this has be discussed before but I just searched and got 85 results that did not seem to address this topic.


I am trying to precisely locate and center a small symbol and because it's dimensions are in 1/16" ths this means to be centered 1/32" nds must be used.  I have no problem moving the object laterally by 1/32 or even 1/64 in fact if necessary move by 1/256" and dimension to 1/128" but the elevation seems to be controlled by the DBX and the number styles in the DBX are all set to 1/16".  I can not use transform and replicate and I can not use the center tool, may snap grid has been over ridden. I would like to just do this once and forget about it but cant find any options.


Is there a way to set the accuracy of the number style? Any other options?

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If I am reading your post properly, there is a way to move a symbol in 1/64" increments by using the snap grid, or rather, using a line that is 1/64" long (sized by snapping to a 1/64" grid) as the reference for a point to point move.

Don't forget that once you have your 1/64" line, you can move it around to any location or angle and use t as the reference for your move or resize.



I  just found a better way that is easier.

Set up your snap grid to 1/64".

Change to Move edit mode.

In this mode, you CAN snap to the 1/64" grid and you can move the object from a side or corner grip  - it doesn't have to be the center grip.

I don't know why you can move an object in 1/64" increments in Move edit mode, but you can't do it in Default edit mode.



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I use the tab method as well as the dbx to move items in very small increments on a regular basis.  Often times I'll open the dbx and and type "+1/64" or whatever my desired dimension is.  What I think you'll find is that you can often move things the desired accuracy but it just doesn't show up in the dbx.  It just rounds the number off to the nearest 1/16".  

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I'd really be curious to see what's going on with your specific plan.  I sent you a PM, but just to give you a little further update,  I just tested in X9 and I can easily re-position things in elevation view, and in the vertical direction to within 1/2000 of an inch accuracy. I didn't test any further that that. 

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Okay Chop, I can reproduce your problem now.  I missed that we were specifically talking about symbols.  I can move everything except symbols in the vertical direction in elevation views with the utmost of accuracy.  I guess I hadn't tried moving a symbol like that in X9 until just now.  I had tried lines, polylines, etc...just not symbols.  Anyway, you are definitely correct.  It's broken in X9 and used to work just fine in X8.  Thanks for bringing this up and for reporting it.  

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