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I am an interior designer, I have been using this program for about a month now and I noticed all my plans interior dimensions are wrong. When I start a new plan for a client I input the desire wall length dimension, as I expect it to be based on the actual dimension taken on the field. I draw the wall open object give it its correct dimension and as soon as it merges with the adjacent wall it changes dimension. Is there a trick to this that I have not find out? or is there a glitch on the program that doesn't hold the desire dimension on an interior wall? Please advise.

Thank you


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Chief defaults to dimensioning the face of the stud (wall dimension layer), so without looking at the drawing it's possible that your input dimensions (wall surface) are off by 0.5" per wall when adjusted.  


Preferences>Dimensions>1/4" Scale (for example)


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Dimensions will change when you add return walls due to where the program calculates them from. I rarely if ever enter dimensions for each wall as I draw. Rather watch the temp dims, draw, then starting at one end, select wall, and change dims based on the temp dims that are now interior surface to surface (so long as you select in the right place :) Or I place some dimension strings and edit. Very fast, less frustrating.


Wall dims.jpg

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That's some good stuff there Michael. +1 

I've never bought into the whole process

of just drawing your walls to any old dims

first and then editing them later to make

them the right length. For how I use the

program I almost always know the length

I want so it seems foolish and timewasting

not to draw them correctly to start with.

This seems a lot smoother than constantly

hitting Tab and entering the value for the

length of each wall there.


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