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  1. Large project to convert existing warehouse into grow facility in the St. Louis MO area. We have years of experience with these in Michigan but need a local registered architect to assist with engineering coordination and on-site services. Project is entering CD phase now.
  2. Thank you both for your comments. I ended up using invisible walls to make the wall openings and drew the frames with CAD. After exporting the door schedule to Excel and adding the openings, I have what I need, except for adding the missing doors manually to my elevations and sections which I'm doing now. Maybe one day CA will allow drawing the most pervasive door type to be automated, but I'm not holding my breath per Yoda's comment. Otherwise, and except for a few such issues, X11 is great, with many nice additions. Thx again.
  3. HELP: Does anyone know how to create a steel frame door in a masonry wall (perhaps the most common door condition in the USA)? I need a recessed door with a +5" RO for the two side frames and +2.25" for the head. Can't get the Recessed option to work in the main layer either, there must be a trick to that without having to create subsets of the CMU wall. Someone suggested creating a custom door with a negative Z offset, but I don't see where that is done. Any help appreciated (except for telling me to use Revit). A minor annoyance is that the only way to configure a panic bar and a key pad entry is to have two of each on a double door - even when I override and enter one in the Specifications section. Not really a problem to export to Excel, but holy cow...
  4. Recently moved from Michigan to Punta Gorda, love it here and looking for local work in residential and light commercial construction. A CA users group in SW Florida would be great. Griffin Burgh Anther Architects 3857 Acline Road, Suite 111 Punta Gorda FL 800-243-0528
  5. M.2 drive, with only one M.2 slot in the new motherboard. I will probably take a few hours and get everything when I have time. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks, If I hadn't started to part-out the old machine I could do that.
  7. Thanks in advance for any help on this. I just installed Chief on a new box,and the transform/replicate tool is missing, can't find it anywhere.
  8. Thanks in advance for any help on this. I just installed Chief on a new box,and the transform/replicate tool is missing, can't find it anywhere.
  9. Folks, here is another datapoint for Passmark. 12/10/2018: Added a new benchmark for the i7-6800K build
  10. FOUND IT. Rich text is an Object Type attribute under Match Properties "Other Properties". It is the last entry on the list and I never scrolled down that far before -ever.
  11. I have a large DWG file I'm attempting to import, but the Rich Text boxes are all light blue. Is there a way to convert all Rich Text to a specific color, or do I need to open all 500+ instances and set the text color to Layer Color Text under Appearances? Everything has been imported to a single layer, and that layer is set to black. The text is mostly on Drawing Group 2, is it possible to do a global edit on Groups?
  12. I'll look again at Thea. Have been using Octane, but not real happy with the limited materials. How are you setting up your export file - DAE? Also, what window settings are you using to get the nice sheetrock returns?
  13. Nice! Is this rendered in Chief???
  14. It was the Toggle Patterns in the 3D drop down!. Just could not find it. Thanks.