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  1. I wont mind creating everything manually , however I never done it before wont even know where to start! I was playing around with polylines circles to see if I was able to go someplace with it but didn't achieve any success. Than you for the impute though
  2. HI Everyone: I have been commissioned to design a very specific interior space inside a horizontal cylinder 119" in diameter 83' long (i.e. an airplane fuselage and or submarine vessel) hollow cylinder with a flat floor and furniture and amenities inside . its a great project yet I am not sure where to begin to create the guts of it. I am looking around to see if anyone have created such a shape and how to create in plan and or 3D to insert furniture and finishes. If anyone knows or have done a similar thing before I will appreciate any impute or communication. Thank you ! Domingo Vega tubular shape.pdf
  3. Domingo

    Holding interior design dimmensions

    Thank you so much! very well explained very patient! appreciated!
  4. The old kitchen space converted to a single wall wet bar area by Domingo Vega from Underground Studio.

    © Domingo Vega from Underground Studio

  5. Domingo

    Holding interior design dimmensions

    Thank you I appreciate your response every little bit helps!
  6. Interior Design Project by Domingo Vega from Underground Studio, adding the existing garage space into the actual living area of the house, new kitchen and dining area adjacent to existing living room.

    © Domingo Vega, Underground Studio

  7. Domingo

    Holding interior design dimmensions

    Thank you so much I will try this to see how it works for me I appreciate your response.
  8. I am an interior designer, I have been using this program for about a month now and I noticed all my plans interior dimensions are wrong. When I start a new plan for a client I input the desire wall length dimension, as I expect it to be based on the actual dimension taken on the field. I draw the wall open object give it its correct dimension and as soon as it merges with the adjacent wall it changes dimension. Is there a trick to this that I have not find out? or is there a glitch on the program that doesn't hold the desire dimension on an interior wall? Please advise. Thank you Domingo