Fence Looks Wierd on Terrain


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Hi Chiefs,


I have this fence in my plan and it is doing this awful thing where it is extending the balusters way up above the top rail. I have it set to "follow terrain". When I set it to stepped terrain it acts even weirder, elevating all the balusters about 5' above the post & rail. Does anyone know what is making this happen and what kind of settings I need to adjust to make it look normal? 


Tried looking online but there does not seem to be that much on fences. Thanks!


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Sorry I was lunching. 


Here is the plan, while you have it open please let me know if any of you know why I might be having trouble with retaining walls. I keep trying to create them the way the training video shows, but nothing seems to happen. I wonder if it is not a related problem to the fence. 


Thank you very very much!


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52 minutes ago, olyconstruction said:

Wow, well when I try in 3D it is still messed up. I wonder what it could be


You are probably drawing them on different floors.

The floor you are drawing on in 3D is the current floor.

Javatom just beat me to it - you have everything drawn on level 0.

I would insert a floor beneath the current level 0.

Then select the fences and check Generate on Low Platform, but I think that is probably just a workaround.

Redraw the fences on your new level 1 and you don't need to check Generate On Low Platform..

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Glenn, it looks like if I just check the generate on lower platform it fixes my problem. 


Thankfully this is just my site model, when I added the new level it changed the reference level for alot of my geometry and the foundation rooms. I will be careful in the future to create my terrain on level 1, although it seems counter intuitive to me, shouldnt the landscape and the grade be associated with the foundation? Its just the way I think about it I suppose. 


Anyway thanks for the help, glad we got to the bottom of it! 

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