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  1. olyconstruction's post in Attic Truss Control was marked as the answer   
    Here is the plan I am working on now. I want the same sort of truss conditions I have in the first plan (version 2) not sure what I changed....
    BILEADOU - PROPOSED- VERSION 3- 11-8-16.plan
  2. olyconstruction's post in Prints out of scale! was marked as the answer   
    Hahaha! "started so long ago it should be in a museum". Now that is funny!
    So anyway, the answer is to set the drawing sheet at 22x34 in the layout of chief and adjust the title block to fit. It helps to put a little border in there too to make sure your title block is not cut off by automatic printer margins. You get a 2" plus your margin border on ARCH D prints, but oh well, I think it is great to have the PDF compatible to ARCH D and 11x17 size and still be in scale. 
    Using this system you will never have to draw another dimension again. 
    Thank you so much everyone!
    P.S. you should probably still draw in dimensions though. 
  3. olyconstruction's post in Making walls display Halftone was marked as the answer   
    Update: Hatch wall is looking pretty good guys...