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  1. Heard the same thing but they may push it out if they find something wrong with the public beta as they want it to be perfect before they release to general public was told. Talked with sales last week and still have a release date for x15 sometime in the spring of 2023. Dominic
  2. Hello Levis, Yes, CA Interiors was discontinued when I asked CA about it last week they said "why not give them the full version of CA Premier for the price of $1,995/yr." So yes they no longer sell CA Interiors. Sorry for the bad news. Dominic
  3. Hello Frompok, CA does not allow reselling of a used license of home designer. Also due to license changes after Jan 9th 2023 (not before that date) You are not allowed to resell CA software anymore because of it going subscription. Dominic
  4. Thank you Dermot for the update on beta testing round 2. Looking forward to testing X15 soon. Dominic
  5. Hello Bob, I recently just purchased Maxwell for sketchup version 5.2.2. While not ment for animations it renders pretty nicely. Export to sketchup (2017 to 2022) and then using maxwell settings window in sketchup you create a rendering after applying material settings then render. Example shown below at sample level 15.00. About 20 minutes on my computer. price is about $595.00. To buy go to and call Calvin Lok to get a quote. They are in CA. USA. Novedge is where I purchased maxwell render and had a great experience. Maxwell render has a 30 day trial to test features before you purchase. I hope this helps you. And this is not an ad, but novedge had the best deal and treated me very well. Dominic livingroommaxwell3d.bmp
  6. Hello Kbird1, I heard or read a post about selling older versions of home designer pro or any of the HD products that you cannot sell them or give them away as it is tied to your account and uses your product key is the same as your Chief Architect key. They did that I think when x9 or x10 came out. Also it is against their copyright policy. Just an friendly FYI.
  7. Hello all chief users, Was told by sales about a month ago that X-14 might be released in the Spring 2022 as was told by sales that in November private beta has not yet started for x14. However they might be doing in house beta. Sales could not share specifics with me when private beta would start. Sorry for the bad news for those looking forward to the release in Winter 2022. Should say early 2022. Dominic
  8. Hello everyone, Just talked with CA and it looks like release for X-13 may happen before the end of June 2021. (Please NOTE: Dates given can change at any time so this was today that I talked with CA) Unless they find something wrong with the beta. Public Beta should happen about a month before release. Hopes that this info will help you look forward to release. Dominic
  9. Hello rbhdesign, I am interested in your software however I am also interested in maybe upgrading to x11 at some point in the future. Will you accept $400 for it as it will cost me over $2400 to upgrade later this year. I also wanted to know if any libraries come with it since I will not have ssa. I noticed your software on ebay but do not have an account with them but I do have a paypal account with which to pay you with but I get paid on Feb 3rd 2019 and will pay for your software then if you accept my offer. Thanks, Dominic
  10. I also added one more software to the lineup for details please visit ebay and enter number 251499714162. It is another cad product which I used to go along with chief. Thank you, Dominic
  11. I am selling my X6 license which includes Thea Render 1.3. Please visit Ebay for more details type in item number 251507963218 . I am asking $1800. CA is aware of me selling it. I have used it for a few house projects and now that those are complete I am selling it. If you have questions please use Ebay messaging as I do not always monitor this forum. Thank you for taking the time to read my posting. Dominic (Edited info and price and new ebay number) Chief Has Just Been Sold!