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  1. Hello everyone, Just talked with CA and it looks like release for X-13 may happen before the end of June 2021. (Please NOTE: Dates given can change at any time so this was today that I talked with CA) Unless they find something wrong with the beta. Public Beta should happen about a month before release. Hopes that this info will help you look forward to release. Dominic
  2. Hello rbhdesign, I am interested in your software however I am also interested in maybe upgrading to x11 at some point in the future. Will you accept $400 for it as it will cost me over $2400 to upgrade later this year. I also wanted to know if any libraries come with it since I will not have ssa. I noticed your software on ebay but do not have an account with them but I do have a paypal account with which to pay you with but I get paid on Feb 3rd 2019 and will pay for your software then if you accept my offer. Thanks, Dominic
  3. I also added one more software to the lineup for details please visit ebay and enter number 251499714162. It is another cad product which I used to go along with chief. Thank you, Dominic
  4. I am selling my X6 license which includes Thea Render 1.3. Please visit Ebay for more details type in item number 251507963218 . I am asking $1800. CA is aware of me selling it. I have used it for a few house projects and now that those are complete I am selling it. If you have questions please use Ebay messaging as I do not always monitor this forum. Thank you for taking the time to read my posting. Dominic (Edited info and price and new ebay number) Chief Has Just Been Sold!