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  1. antoine

    SSA expired Jul 27, 2017  

    Ok, thanks mate. sounds logical.
  2. if i renew my SSA. will my renewal start from now and will it allow me to download the latest CA X11 and after visions in 2020. or must i upgrade.
  3. antoine


    looks like that you can have a hardware lock for CA X11 check in the upgrades
  4. antoine


    so Renerabbitt nice video and you have proved some interesting points. shame that i don't have anything of my request from the last couple of years. anyway, glad you guys are happy
  5. antoine

    wall ends not finished

    hi guys,anyone tell me why i see these blocks and not the plaster returned on the end
  6. antoine

    architectural requirements

    yes david. CA must pay its bills, but it should keep up with future demands, as this world and its progression is changing rapidly. younger users are coming in with fresh directions, and looking all around them, they see a possibility of what the future can bring. hense, CA should be looking at what the future could bring. we all like CA. the presentation of things. the direction to produce plans or drawings. the forum, which allows communication with other users. but it lacks a future direction. which does not make any sense as that is the only way we move each day. (forward in time)
  7. antoine

    SSA Renewal

    you are quite correct Graham. but would you not consider someone who has been around from CA 7 (in my case), a loyal client. strange that i would have to pay an excess after all these years of using CA for the passover of 30 days off the SSA. i have been asking now repeatedly for the last 3 years to advance more on the architectural side of things (as you yourself know). without any feedback or explanations of why we are not helping the future of architecture. so today i am still on CA X9 because i consider CA X10 is pushing more for interiors rather than helping people like myself, with more structure tools. i feel disappointed after being so long with CA, that CA hasn't done more for architects. and i think that i'm not alone in this dilemma. and for sure it's not helping CA's marketing strategy
  8. antoine

    architectural requirements

    yes guys. just remember. the idea and concept design must come before any structural designs. the concept must be agreed first before proceeding to make it happen. therefore, tools for this particular field are of great importance. i would like that CA improve on the Architectural side, (of which it is lagging) as there interior side is ok. things i would like to see:- vertical angled walls deforming tool open more than one layout page at the same time. curve or bend text around an object are just some ideas for starters.
  9. antoine

    SSA Renewal

    ok guys, the anishal comment to this post was the renewal of the SSA. so from what i understand from the above,- the price rises after a 30 day period. this doesn't seem like CA is interested in keeping its clients happen or even encouraging clients to stay or even encouraging new clients in this vast marketing scope of today. what is happening? and Perry. no disrespect mate. have a good one in your direction. and have a great day /evening all
  10. antoine

    SSA Renewal

    yes that is fine Perry, and there is nothing wrong with that, but i think that you are more of an interior or house remodeling type of designer. so what CA at its present status has done is totally fine for you, but please try to get my point. Chief Architect, means an architect of supperiorarity, meaning a building structure of an important size not an interior designer. now please all viewers, i'm not saying that there is any inferior insinuation of what i have stated, it's just a statement of fact. i respect all designers no matter what they do, as long as it is done with quality and function. but as CA states that it is an architectural software. i feel it should help more on the architectural side.
  11. antoine

    SSA Renewal

    yes Perry, CA has some interesting things in X10. but again, for interiors. what about the architects? and Lew, i use the hardware locks. a case of practicality. is this another downgrade for CA?
  12. why is it that CA stays focusing on interiors which it is good at, but- CA - Chief Architect is not Chief Interiors or maybe CA should change its name to CI. so sadly. CA is not helping us architects to stay inline with the future designs that are required in today's demands. the forum is here to seek out question and answers to upgrade and help others. sadly again important upgrades for architects are not or have not be recognized over these last years. (what a big shame). this means that sales for CA software is limited which is not helping CA to advance. lagging behind in what architects want, is a limitation to this software. architects need to design any type of shape or structure today and using conventional brick and cement or wood frame structures are quickly disappearing in today's construction methods. 3D machines are here as one example of today's changes. will CA change to help architects go forward?
  13. antoine

    SSA Renewal

    yes prices seem to have change. myself, i have not renewed my SSA and have not upgraded to CA X10 for the reason that i feel that CA has not upgraded to today's architectural needs. and is lagging behind in what architects want. CA stays focusing on interiors which it is good at, but- CA - Chief Architect is not Chief Interiors or maybe CA should change its name to CI. so sadly. CA is not helping us architects to stay inline with the future designs that are required in today's demands.
  14. antoine

    X10 - no more hardware locks

    Archnot-Bolts, you have pointed out a very reasonable fact, that hardware locks could be upgraded. i like your idea, but i'm wondering if CA can get around this. it seems for the moment that CA is stagnating even on this CA X10. just some small advancement on cabinets does not really upgrade this software. i do not see even one major futuristic change of this architectural software that could help architects advance to future needs. maybe the brain isn't there for future development.
  15. antoine

    X10 - no more hardware locks

    so a lot of replies have come down with this hardware lock business. people like both sides of this ordeal. all depends and the person requirements. buying a hardware lock (which is not cheap), is also added revenue to help the CA's finances. digitally lock for desk tops is totally fine, but being on the move the dongle is the answer for the moment, until CA could come up with another solution. but saying that, i personally feel that CA is dragging behind in what today's and future needs require. most of you know what i have been suggesting now for some years back to try and give the idea of Chief being a leader of something. but sadly it is lacking many of today's requirements, even seeing CA X10 presentation video's. CA at present is just concerning itself with interior home design, and not looking at today's architects or the future of architecture. i hope that this will change soon, if not for me but for future architects. have a good day/evening all.