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  1. English

    Mac vs. Windows

    An iMac should run Chief just fine. Make sure you specify the fastest video card. I never understood why many people said they loved their Macs and would never go back to a PC until i switched. The only reason I purchased a Windows based laptop was to run FPS shooter games as the video card on my MacPro was no longer compatible with the latest DirectX. Dan you will not be disappointed with a Mac. Alan
  2. English

    Polyline Tool

    I tried that tutorial and there is a bug in it which I submitted to tech support. Alan
  3. English

    PC System

    Dell Inspirons are in the $500 price range. Only drawback at that price point is that they tend to have on-board video cards. Alan
  4. English

    Convert 2D dwg/dxf to 3D CA file

    I found that it was to much of a hassle and I could do it quicker by just drawing over the top. I just had to make sure my new walls were exactly the same width so the dimensions were the same. Alan
  5. English

    Stairs with winders

    Interesting as my builder client does the winder like GlennW posted (we are in NC). Alan
  6. English

    Making Blueprints Obsolete

    Scott I think most industries (particularly) those doing business internationally have gone metric. It's just certain home grown industries that remain on the Imperial System. I'm too old to learn a new system -- my daughter in England tells me the temperature that day is 25C I have no idea whether that is hot or cold. I know that one meter is about the same as one yard. Alan
  7. English

    Making Blueprints Obsolete

    The auto industry went metric years ago and many countries use the decimal system for their currencies. I remember in England long before they went to 100 new pennys in 1 pound we had, for coinage, a farthing (a quarter of a penny), halfpenny, penny, threepence, sixpence, shilling (twelve pence) florin (two shillings), half crown (two shillings and sixpence) and for paper money we had a ten shilling, pound (twenty shillings), and five pound notes. Talk about trying to figure out what change you should get if you purchased something costing 3 pounds 13 shillings and sixpence halfpenny and handed over a 5 pound note. Thank goodness the US immediately used the decimal system for our currency. Alan
  8. English


    DWG (native ACAD format) or DXF (drawing exchange format). DWG would be the preferred format. Alan
  9. English

    Minor Issue But Curious

    I have end panels on my island as well as panels on the back where the overhang is. Alan
  10. English

    Ray Trace settings for brushed stainless steel

    There is also some good ones in the Formica Decometal library. Alan
  11. English

    Exporting DXF...

    I would check the scale in ACAD after they import the DXF file. I was once working with the Wrigley company who used Microstation and when I imported their DXF into ACAD the scale was always way off and I had to resize it. Not sure if this happens with a CA DXF file. Alan
  12. English


    David It's normal etiquette to not post in all caps. Alan
  13. English

    The Correct Way To Edit Schedules

    That only changes the size in the schedule not the type of door which Marilena wanted (to the door from interior to exterior). She would need to select the door type on the first page of the door DBX. Alan
  14. English

    Training near Charlotte, NC

    I am too new to train but I hope Chief holds a training seminar there soon. Alan
  15. English

    Use Chief Architect for Part Modeling?

    Mark That reminds me of a discussion that we had in a materials engineering class in college (many years ago). We were discussing clearance and interference fits between objects (where a 5.000" diameter shaft needs to be pressed into a 4.995" diameter hole). One of the students insisted that size on size will not go i.e. a 5.000" diameter shaft would not go into a 5.000" diameter hole without being forced. Alan