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  1. I'm having all sorts of problems lately, my latest is I can't print to PDF from CA, I can print everything else but not layout sheets from CA-6. I think it may be a windows issue. I'm using Windows 10 and I'm not impressed. I can't print anything to my printer, so I connected it to another computer and usually email the PDF to it and copy off hard copies from it Thanks RC
  2. RCarter


    I just reloading X6 and only part of the core library loaded. where do I go to reload library Thanks Rcarter
  3. Here's what I get with a 3D and shadows
  4. I appears that the rendering is too dark and not very crisp..For my purpose I can just add shadows to a 3D shot. However, I would like to do some good renderings for my better designs ( on my site )
  5. However I'm not impressed with the raytracing..Can someone help me with the setting. My system consists of Asus motherboard Prime B250-A 16 GB Ram EVGA Geforce 1060 Graphic Card Kingston V400 Series 240GB SSD Intel Core i7-7700 4.2 Ghz Processor PS...this is all Dutch to me Thanks RC
  6. Works great..just print screen ,paste, crop, save as jpeg to picture file 3 Steps compared to about 10 with vista
  7. When I get everything loaded and set up I'll try to do one
  8. I just purchased a new computer and am setting up CA and other programs tonight. So I'm basically learning CA all over again. So here's my first question of several I expect to be posting over the next couple of days...I do some renderings..before I would print screen..click Paint.. paste...cut ...don't save....paste ..save as and file it..What is the process now. I'm using CA 6 and I went from vista to windows 10. Like I said this is the first of several questions I will be posting as I set up CA
  9. I'm looking to buy a new system, It,s been 10 years and Vista is no longer supported by MS. What is a good PC,what should I be looking for re: Ram, hard drive, processor, video card etc. It doesn't have to be the latest and greatest...just good. Rcarter
  10. I basically selected each items and keep clicking select and delete.. But why did there items copy so many times. It was 5 units and the last units had about 25 copies of each item which decreased as I got closer to first unit. Anyway Thanks for all the help
  11. Where do I see the # of copies and is there a way to delete without individually deleting them
  12. I'm working on a 10 unit condo and my computer is very slow but only when on this file. I keep getting a memory warning. I checked the properties and it's size is 11.5 MB this is twice what other projects are ( even when finished ). Because its a simple inline building I've used copy and paste a lot. Is there something I'm not aware of that's causing this I'm using CA-6Thank RCarter Colonial-10_unit_condo.plan
  13. RCarter


    I can see it in Full Overview but not in elevations
  14. RCarter


    Yes..go to Atrium windows and creat a sunroom