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  1. Every time I come on this forum I find the format has changed changed. Takes a little bit to figure out. Anyway, got a problem that has me totally puzzled. I have a plan that I have had to change to satisfy my client. It has three decks that changed in size. No problem. I changed those a week ago. Yesterday I changed the size, shape and location of the post footings to satisfy the contractor, eliminating the original ones on the plans. I saved the new changes and checked my layout to make sure the changes were transferred to the appropriate page. They were. Now I am placing roof trusses and each time I make a change on the plan, all my prior changes on the deck footings revert back to the pre-change style and location. Anyone have an idea as to what is going on?
  2. That was one of the options I had thot of if I could find a solution to the problem. However, problem is solved. Thanks anyway.
  3. Thanks all. Appreciate all the input. I can go take may nap now.
  4. I have downloaded both Cutepdf Writer and pdf995. Both seem to work the same. Neither has a 24x36 paper selection. But both have either 22x36 and 24x48. I am assuming the 22x36 simply chops the paper height 2" but does not affect the image.
  5. Ant suggestions of a good pdf software? Anyone?
  6. I think I know the problem. Going to have to download a different pdf software. Before I installed a new hard drive I used pdf995. I can't use Chief 's pdf printer as that is not available for X5. Being that I am retired (sort of), haven't seen the advantage of upgrading considering the cost.
  7. I not sure what you mean by the 'Chief' pdf printer. Didn't know there was such a utility. Whatever, I need to send the pdf to the truss company so they can print it on their plotter. I am using Microsoft PDF.
  8. It has been a long while since I have been on this forum. Looks a lot different. Printing an 11x17 layout to PDF no problem. Try to print to PDF 24x36 different story. Everything looks fine on screen, but PDF will only print image at 8 1/2 x 11 no matter the paper size. Anyone know why? I need to send truss specs to the truss company and it needs to be at 24x36 for their plotter.
  9. We will find out how things work out this week. Thanks for all the input, guys.
  10. My son in law is the one doing this and that is his plan. Thanks Mick.
  11. We are going to try a dual-boot (think that's the term) with the old hard drive with Vista. Chief worked fine with Vista before but booting up just took way too long....and a few other problems. If that does not work, will probably load Win 7. The laptop is working great now so really want to make Chief work. Thanks for the info.
  12. Yup. Its pretty much what I suspected. The fault is in the video card. Apparently this card does not work correctly in Win 10, for what ever reason (it is 10 yrs old). And because it is integrated it doesn't leave me with much of an option. I suppose I can remove Win 10 and install Win 7 and see if that works. Kind of a hassle tho. Thanks for the info.
  13. Never been a problem before. Been using it for 10 yrs and always worked fine. Just wondering if there is something in the setting with Chief, but am drawing a blank. My whole purpose was to try to upgrade this laptop rather than buying a new one. It upgraded just fine. This is the only problem I've encountered.
  14. Eric; Drivers up to date. NVIDIA GeForce Go7600. Has always worked fine in the past with no problems. Sufficient for need.