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  1. I accidentally saved a new plan as the original and it wasa big mistake. How do I go back to the origianl plan. At the present time, my plan is gone. Mary Anne
  2. MaryAnne


    I also just clicked on "use Photon mapping" and it made a difference but I do not know what this means and I have tried looking it up but that did not help. What does photon mapping do and it appears that it is not always used????
  3. MaryAnne


    This is a regular picture but in performing a ray trace, I get black ceilings. I saw one post that suggested clicking on lighten ceilings. I don't even know where that "button" is. Any thoughts? Thanks Mary Anne
  4. MaryAnne


    In performing a ray trace, my ceilings which are white always come out black. I have tried adding lights with the "light bulb " icon and changing elevations, but this does not work. I have Chief X9. I really need to figure out to solve this issue. Antone have the magic answer? Thanks Mary Anne
  5. MaryAnne

    using simpson hangers

    I am trying to place supports as well as accents on an outdoor structure using the "T"s and right angled brackets. hen I click on them to place them on a column. It does nothing. How am I able to use these on structure and where I choose. Thanks Mary Anne
  6. MaryAnne

    Getting rid of a far away object

    Thank you very much. Mary Anne
  7. When attempting to do a full overview of my project, I get an extremely small image and cannot zoom in or rotate house to get the image I want. This is because somewhere on my plan is an object that I cannot see. It is in the distant plan. Does anyone know how to find the object in order to delete it? I have managed to find one small puck light that went into never never land but there must be another because I am not able to zoom in. Thanks Mary Anne
  8. MaryAnne

    Perspective floor overview

    Thank you. I thought that is what an object somewhere and I zoomed out a lot. When I did it slower, I caught the glimpse of tiny red dot. I zoomed in slower deleted it and it fixed the problem.
  9. MaryAnne

    Perspective floor overview

    I have always been able to do a floor overview and turn the camera in order to see all angles of my room. For some reason while working on the same project, when I click on floor overview, the image comes up extremely small and I cannot rotate it at all. It is quick to disappear off the screen when I try to zoom into it. What am I doing wrong? This has never happened before. I gotten out of the program and then back in and nothing changes. Mary Anne
  10. MaryAnne

    Glass Shower Walls

    I do not know how to do that
  11. MaryAnne

    Glass Shower Walls

    I keep attempting to make a glass shower walls but when I view them with the camera, they come up as a drywall, a thin wall as I have selected a glass wall but it is a hit and miss. What am I doing wrong? I also makes breaks in my wall to attempt the tile from engulfing all the walls and this work either. Any help would be appreciated. Mary Anne
  12. I am trying to make a roof that is attached to a 2 storey home that will act as a roof only because it is supported by pillars to act as "covered gazebo" when exiting the house from patio doors. I do not know how to do this. The roof is to be attached to the first floor only and is not part of the second floor roof. Could this be explained to me. Thank you very much! Mary Anne- Home Design On A Budget